Travel Hacking Resources

I’ve planned and booked loads of trips, throughout the UK, Europe, in fact all over the world. These companies are the exact ones I use either because they have an easy to use site, great customer service, or offer the best deals. There’s even some exclusive deals too that offer great signup bonuses, which make travelling just that little bit cheaper. Always check back here for the latest travel hacking resources before you book your next travel adventure.

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On The Road

Berghaus Backpacks
Backpacks are the way forward. I’d be nowhere without my trusty Berghaus backpack – it’s been all over the world! These backpacks are super robust, waterproof and last for a long time. Try and buy one with a with a detachable day pack so you can use the smaller pack as hand luggage or for the beach.


Lonely Planet
I rate Lonely Planet guidebook as the best. Not only do they sell the larger guides that cover everything a destination has to offer, but they now sell smaller pocket guides. They are great for quickly checking out the best local restaurants to eat in that same evening, while you’re sat on the beach in the afternoon.



The best one-stop site to search the majority of airlines, including low cost flight providers. Skyscanner has a great feature where you can search for flights and find the cheapest in the month, or alternatively you can find out all the destinations from your local airport.



They’re in almost every country in the world so if you are looking for an alternative to hotel accommodation this should be your first stop. Great to experience a place like a local, and also to get hints in tips from your host. Follow the guide for free Airbnb accommodation.
If hotels are more your thing use for reservations. This nice thing about the site is that it also shows the amount of rooms remaining so you know if you have to book immediately, or if you have a little time to decide.



Is this the ultimate transport app? I think so. This app is the one that will be able to organise a taxi at almost any airport in the world, as well as most major cities on the planet, all within a few seconds. If you still haven’t tried Uber, signup using a promo code to receive £10 of free credit towards your first ride.


Gettaxi, or Gett as they are now known, are possibly due to the huge presence of Uber, but they are not to be overlooked. They operate in 25 UK cities and are the UK’s largest black cab app. Combined with the current Gettaxi signup code, which offers riders £10 of free credit, they are a great alternative to Uber.


Voyages SNCF
Rebranded from Rail Europe, the Voyages SNCF site lets you to search for the majority of rail ticket providers throughout Europe including Eurostar and TGV. Tickets can be delivered via email instead of queueing up at the station – great if your in a rush or don’t speak the local language.



The best way to withdraw cash or make a purchase abroad. Use the Supercard instead of your regular debit or credit card to avoid any foreign transaction fees and also receive one of the best foreign exchange rates on the market.