Travel Hacking For Beginners In The UK


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So why another travel blog? Well, there are tons of travel blogs showing you how to travel cheap, or travel for free (or almost free) but one thing I found is that they all have a US focus. Many of the deals are based from somewhere in America travelling to the Caribbean, South America, Hawaii or another awesome destinations that I would love to visit. There never seems to be the same kind of deal from the UK, unless you look hard.

Travel Hacking For Beginners

How do you start travel hacking if you live in the UK? Everyone has a different idea about travel hacking and what it means for them. Some want to be able to find cheap flights to an exotic location, while other want to sleep in hotels for free (both of which are more than possible). I summarise travel hacking as:

Travel hacking, for globetrotters in the UK, is the art of travelling the world for the least amount of money possible, by finding cheap flights, accommodation and ground transport deals; or by spending air miles and hotel points obtained for free. The ideal goal is to reduce all expenses to zero, or as near as possible, without compromising on the overall experience.

The idea is about getting the best value for money, so spending an extra 6 hours on a flight with another connection to save a few pounds on the total cost, may not be the best option. I want to get the destination in a reasonable amount of time, soak in the experience, then fly off to the next stop.

Start by reading how to get free hotels and flights with little or no outlay required.


Hotel & Accommodation Hacks For Beginners

Skill level: Easy

It’s possible to get a free night voucher for Hilton hotels that can be used at any of their hotels throughout the world. This free night can be redeemed easily in the UK, but also at some of the most exclusive destinations such as the Maldives, Fiji or the Seychelles. This awesome reward is certainly travel hacking for beginners and will get you hooked! Hilton Free Night Anywhere In The World – Up To £700 Value

Airbnb is one for the go to sites for travellers around the world. They offer budget travel and luxury travel in the same regions, catering for everyone. This guide shows how to put the current signup promotion to full use for free Airbnb accommodation, and shows how to stay in Vietnam or even Colombia for free. Airbnb Free Accommodation

Nightswapping have a global community of over 150,000 members spread throughout the world, and offer accommodation in some of the most picturesque location. This beginners guide shows how to start for free at properties throughout the globe, including in Los Angeles which is a location notorious for high prices. Travel Hacking Free Accommodation With Nightswapping

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Cheap Flights With Or Without Miles

Skill level: Easy

Flybe offer a super easy way to book flights for almost free (you just have to pay a few taxes, which is nothing compared to a full fare). Check out their route map, find your destination and book a a return ticket for under £50 to most of Europe. Manchester to Milan return is £40 for a return ticket, Doncaster at Paris is £49 a return ticket. Free Return Flights With Flybe (Almost)

Reward Flight Saver (RFS) through British Airways is a great way of spending smaller amounts of Avios points, but at the same time travelling to great summer destinations. From only 4,000 Avios you can travel as far as France and Italy, while 8,500 Avios points will take you further afield such as Spain, Greece or even Morocco. Summer Destinations with Avios Reward Flight Saver

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Cheap Or Free Ground Transport Options

Skill level: Easy

To kick off your travel to a UK airport consider using Gettaxi who now offer taxis in over 25 UK cities. Now Gettaxi have expanded into more cities in the UK it makes a great alternative to the hugely popular Uber. They are also currently offering a signup promotion of £10 credit when you register. Have you claimed your free ride? Free Taxi With Gettaxi Signup Code

If you are travelling to London Heathrow and are a Star Alliance Gold member consider using the Heathrow Express for a free business class upgrade. You don’t need to register, just show your card when on the train. Free Upgrade To Business Class On Heathrow Express

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