Free Taxi Credit & Taxi Promo Codes

free taxi credit from bolt gett free now wheely uber and addison lee

With every year that passes there appears to be an ever increasing number of taxi booking apps being introduced to the market. Their ease-of-use means that almost anyone with a smartphone can book a ride in a few taps from your mobile, and usually have a car arrive to your given location in a matter of minutes, at any time and on any day of the year. Each taxi app has the same core functionality (a quick and easy way to book and deliver your taxi to you as soon as possible) but each app also has it’s own individual benefits, be it a luxury car and chauffeur service, transparent fixed fare pricing, or even the ability to book your ride several days in advance. To help penetrate the market and shift the market share the majority of taxi booking apps offer free taxi credit for new customers.

You can get around £50 free taxi credit with the current taxi promo codes from Bolt, Gett, Addison Lee, Free Now, Wheely and Uber.

Free Taxi Credit Promo Codes

We have pulled together a list of verified taxi promotion codes for both new and existing users of the most popular mobile taxi booking apps. With the current taxi promotions you can save the following using promo code for free taxi credit:

  • £14 free credit with Bolt (currently the highest free credit promotion able to be used on a single ride)
  • £15 free credit with Gett, split as £5 over your next 3 rides
  • £8 free credit with Addison Lee
  • £5 free credit with Free Now
  • £5 free credit with Uber
  • 20% off your first ride with Wheely, capped at £30 maximum discount

REMEMBER: To receive your free taxi credit from any of these offers you need to enter the correct promo code.

claim bolt free taxi credit

Bolt (Originally Taxify)

Current Bolt promo codes

  • £14 off your first ride when you signup to Bolt using promo code WG4EK (new customers only).

Bolt, originally Taxify, first arrived in London in 2017. Transport for London closed them down 3 days later as they did not have the correct license to operate. Now after 2 years Bolt are pushing hard in the city where the majority of mobile taxi bookings are completed by Uber. To help pick up momentum they are directly undercutting Uber, giving users cheaper rides but also paying drivers more.

London is the only city in the UK where Bolt currently operate, though globally they are available in over 150 cities. Their reach in Europe covers 24 countries (where all rides are carbon neutral). Today, Bolt appear to be concentrating their efforts in London though I am sure that when they have proved the model they will expand to other cities, as can be seen in Poland where they now operate in the majority of larger cities.

To receive £14 of free Bolt credit download the app, and register using promo code WG4EK. Remember to enter the Bolt promo code to receive the free credit.

gett promo code for discount taxis

Gett (Originally GetTaxi)

Current Gett promo codes

  • £15 free credit when you signup to Gett using promo code GTXFOMD (new customers only).

Gett, originally GetTaxi, are currently offering new members £15 of free credit to use towards future rides by using a Gett promo code. The free credit of £15 is split across your next 3 rides. Each ride receives a £5 discount. Short rides with a fare of under £5 will be free.

The Gett platform is a great alternative to the hugely popular Uber, and is rapidly expanding throughout UK cities. Originally starting in London, they now have arrangements with over 11,500 black cabs in the city alone, making it the biggest black cab app in the UK (larger than Uber or Addison Lee). Gett has since expanded to a total of 25 cities in the UK and operates with the same idea as other apps using the ‘no wallet, no problem’ logic. Gett have since expanded to 3 other countries including the United States, Russia and Israel. They have completed over 50 million journeys globally. Users in any country can quickly open the app, automatically locate themselves, and order a taxi using their preset debit or credit card in a matter of seconds.

I personally use Gett on a regular basis and reviewed their taxi app in the past. They have an option of “fixed fares” so you know the exact amount for the journey before you start your ride. Even if there is traffic on your journey, you still pay the exact same price as your fare has been guaranteed at the beginning of the route. If you was using a company that charges for both time and miles, such as Uber, then you would pay for being sat in traffic.

To receive £15 of free Gett credit download the app, and register using promo code GTXFOMD. Remember to enter the Gett promo code to receive the free credit.

addison lee app promotion

Addison Lee

Current Addison Lee promo codes

  • £8 off your first ride when you open an Addison Lee account through the Apple or Android app using promo code RIDE8 (new customers only).

Addison Lee is a premium service with a fleet of vehicles all under 3 years old and all equip with complementary 4G wifi and phone chargers. If you’re booking through the app in central London vehicle have an average pick-up time of 10 minutes. You can also save around 25% off the typical fare by travelling at off-peak times and weekends (no promo code needed – discount automatically applied). Addison Lee also don’t have surge pricing. The price of a journey is confirmed at the time of the booking.

Though I don’t use Addison Lee that often, they are my choice for journeys to and from London airports. A nice feature of their app is that you can book up to 3 months in advance, so when you are booking your flight you can also book transport to and from the airport.

To receive £8 off your first Addison Lee ride download the app (Apple and Android), and register using promo code RIDE8. Remember to enter the Addison Lee promo code to receive the free credit.

free now promo code

Free Now (Originally myTaxi and Hailo)

Current Free Now promo codes

  • £5 off your first ride when you signup to Free Now using promo code tomh.xdq (new customers only).

Free Now, Europe’s largest taxi app, was created in the beginning of 2019 when myTaxi and Hailo joined together. Their 750,000 drivers serve customers in over 100 European cities across 9 countries. Here in England those cities include Brighton, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby and Leicester. Over in Ireland, Free Now serves Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

Sadly though the name might suggest, rides are not free.

To receive £5 off your first Free Now ride download the app, and register using promo code tomh.xdq

Remember to enter the Free Now promo code to receive the free credit.

uber app promotions


Current Uber promo codes

  • £5/€5 off your first ride when you signup to Uber using promo code ubertomh (new customers only).

Uber has been a long-time favourite of Londoners. For now Uber is still the most popular way to get around in London, but there are challenger apps being launched every year which make great alternatives. One of the most popular reasons to use Uber is the global spread of the platform. You can be confident that Uber operate in almost every country, meaning that no matter where you are, you can easily order a ride to your destination.

The existing £5/€5 off your first ride can be used to cover the entire journey, meaning your free taxi credit can pay for the entire ride.

To receive £5 of free Uber credit download the app, and register using promo code ubertomh. Remember to enter the Uber promo code to receive the free credit.

wheely mercedes


Current Wheely promo codes

  • 20% off your first ride when you signup to Wheely using promo code 3XRTV (new customers only).

Wheely are promoting themselves as the upmarket brother of Uber. They offer passengers luxury vehicles, driven by professional chauffeurs, on a pay as-you-are-driven basis. There fleet of Mercedes vehicles can be used for typical short trip on-demand, or can be pre-booked at a fixed price for airport journey. Through the app you can also book multiple vehicles and make bookings for others.

The initial 20% off your first ride is capped at a maximum discount of £30.

To receive 20% off your first Free Now ride download the app, and register using promo code 3XRTV. Remember to enter the Wheely promo code to receive the free credit.


Current Kabbee promo codes

  •  Current no active promotions

Kabbee is a little different to the other taxi booking apps. Instead of Kabbee having its own cars and services, the app brings together over 50 cab fleets from across the city to utilise London’s minicab services. Their meet and greet airport collection service gives you 30 minutes free waiting time so there is no rush is your flight is a little delayed. They also offer fixed fares and no surge pricing with the option to pay by cash, card or prepaid account for any ride.


Lyft is not available in UK cities.