These flight deals are regularly updated when super cheap fares become available from the UK. None of the flight deals posted cost more than £350 for return flights in economy class, or £1000 for return flights in business or first class – even to the other side of the world! Recent flights include London to Auckland return for £350, London to Toronto for £250 return, and London to Puerto Rico for £280 return.

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  • £265 Return Flights – London to San Francisco, California!

    Where would you start? The famous Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz Island, or an organised tour of the steepest hills in the city? With these London to San Francisco, California flights priced at £265 for a return ticket per person, you might as well start planning now! Flights between the UK and California are usually double this price. When comparing fares […]

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  • £330 Return Flights – London to Los Angeles, California!

    Visit Hollywood for less by booking these London to Los Angeles, California flights priced at under £330 for a return ticket per person. Flights are operated by Norwegian Airlines, who have the lowest priced fares on this route. There are no other airlines offering direct flights between London to Los Angeles. Norwegian Airlines also use their latest arrival […]