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  • Curve No Longer Accepting American Express – Statement On The Bust Up

    curve are no longer accepting american express

    Since the announcement from Curve on 29th January 2019 there have been various messages from both Curve and American Express about the reasons why their latest efforts of American Express support only lasted from 36 hours. Below are unedited messages. Curve’s email to cardholders: We are extremely sorry that the top-up functionality of your Amex wallet […]

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  • £15 Amazon Discount Code Using AMEX Membership Rewards Points

    amazon discount code using amex shop with points

    Amazon and American Express have been in partnership for a couple of years since they launched their “shop with points” feature for Amazon.co.uk shoppers. Shop with points allows you to use American Express Membership Rewards points to pay for items on Amazon. Each AMEX Rewards points converts to 0.45p towards your Amazon purchase. In addition […]