40% Off Priority Pass Membership Promotion

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With a Priority Pass membership card you can access over 1,300 locations worldwide (a little different to the 49 lounges back in 1992). Their 3 different membership types are aimed at both spectrum of the scale – if you are a regular traveller or if you just take a couple of trips per year – either way you can escape into an airport lounge, away from the busy terminal. To celebrate Black Friday, Priority Pass are offering 40% off all their membership plans – Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige. This Priority Pass discount of 40% is the largest seen. Previously discounts appeared to be capped around 25%.

Membership plans start at £41 when signing up using the 40% discount offer.

Priority Pass memberships are available in 3 tiers:

Standard – £41 for 1 year membership (40% discount compared to the regular price of £69). This is the basic, entry level membership where members can access lounges for £20 and pay a further £20 for guests. As the cost of lounge entry appears to be increasing, some lounges charging up to £40 per person, this membership can reflect a good saving.

Standard Plus – £141 for 1 year membership (25% discount compared to the regular price of £189). Includes 10 free lounge visits for members (£20 for each additional lounge visit), £20 charge for guests.

Prestige – £288 for 1 year membership (15% discount compared to the regular price of £339). This membership is targeted towards frequent and business travellers. The package allows members unlimited lounge access for free, £20 charge for guests.

Though the Standard Plus membership only has a discount of 25% it is the most appealing. Each lounge visits works out at £14.10 if signing up to during the Black Friday promotion. For £14.10 there are no lounges offering this price direct, and you would even struggle to get a good meal in the terminal for that price. If you’re likely to use the lounge around 10 times per year this is a no-brainer.

priority pass discount using black friday code

Offer ends 1st December 2019.

Another alternatively instead of purchasing a Priority pass membership would be to signup for an American Express Platinum card. These accounts come with a free Priority Pass membership for unlimited use for the cardholder and a guest, for however long you hold the account. The American Express Charge Card does come with a heavy annual fee of £575, but also includes several other benefits. If you are likely to benefit from the perks of the card then this could be the best option for you.

Signup for Priority Pass membership during this Black Friday offer to save 40%.