75% Bonus When Buying Flying Blue Miles

air france klm and virgin delta partnership

Several of the major airlines that sell their own miles offer points promotions where you can receive either a discount or bonus miles when making a purchase. Air France and their loyalty scheme Flying Blue (shared with KLM) historically haven’t marketed hugely aggressive points promotions. Their last promotion offered a 50% bonus when buying Flying Blue miles. Through the Flying Blue points promotion you can receive a 75% bonus when buying Flying Blue miles.

It is also worth bearing in mind that a couple of years ago Air France / KLM also purchased 31% of Virgin Atlantic. The purchase means that in the future you will be able to redeem Flying Blue miles for Virgin Atlantic flights. There is no indication how points purchased or earned from the different schemes will be handled.

Until 7th November 2019 you receive up to a 75% bonus when buying Flying Blue miles.

  • Buy under 4,000 miles and receive no bonus
  • Buy 4,000 – 75,000 miles and receive a 75% bonus

Taking the top package of 75,000 Flying Blue miles + 56,250 bonus Flying Blue miles works out at around £1780 (charged in euros at €2,062.50).

Purchase Flying Blue miles with a 75% bonus before 7th November 2019.

The amount of miles you can purchase varies based on your flying Blue status. Flying Blue Elite members can purchase as follows:

  • Elite members can purchase an an unlimited amount of miles per calendar year (100,000 cap on bonus miles)
  • Explorer members can purchase a maximum of 75,000 miles per calendar year (56,250 cap on bonus miles)

Points purchases must be in batches of 2,000 award miles.

Flying Blue also announce “Promo Awards” each month which are a selection of routes discounted by around 50% when compared to the typical points redemption amount required. Combining the purchase of Flying Blue miles with Promo Awards redemptions means that you can travel for much less, especially when comparing to Air France Business class.