The Flying Club Savings Account EARNS You Virgin Flying Club Miles

earn flying club miles with virgin money

Virgin Money seem to have the most interesting ways to entice customers to sign up to one of their products. The Virgin Money portfolio covers the majority, if not more options than a traditional bank and includes current accounts, mortgages, pensions and more. Now with their Flying Club Savings Account you can earn Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles when you save your money, rather than spend it.

See other Virgin Money products that offer amazing bonuses including up to 50,000 Flying Club Miles when using their money transfer service, up to 25,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles for taking out a Virgin Money Life Insurance Policy and 6,000 Flying Club Miles for signing up to a Virgin Money ISA.

The Virgin Atlantic 1 Year Flying Club Savings Account in principle works just like any other fixed term savings account. Put your money in for 1 year, don’t touch it, and receive a fixed amount of interest at the end. The key difference is that instead of being paid in interest you receive Virgin Flying Club miles. You earn 1,600 Flying Club Miles per £1,000 you save in the 1 Year Flying Club Savings Account. If you was to buy Flying Club Miles direct from Virgin Atlantic that would compare to an interest rate of around 2.40%. Saving £15,000 earns you 24,000 Flying Club Miles, enough miles for an off-peak return Economy reward flight to New York.

I Need Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles Now

The 1 Year Flying Club Savings Account is not the answer if looking to boost your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account balance. You will only receive the miles after 1 year. Depending on how much you want to put aside there could be an alternative for quick Virgin miles.

If you sign up to the Virgin Money Stocks and Shares ISA and deposit a lump sum of £6,000 or more by the 31st October 2019 than you will qualify to earn 6,000 Flying Club Miles. Virgin Money mention in their terms and conditions that miles will be credited to accounts within 120 days. In reality I have seen miles post to accounts within 1 week of the deposit.

Having a Flying Club Savings Account also gives you unlimited free access to all Virgin Money lounges around the country. There are currently a total of 7 in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London (Haymarket), Manchester, Norwich and Sheffield.

Sign up for a Virgin Atlantic 1 Year Flying Club Savings Account

There appears to be no fixed date for this offer. The amount of Virgin Miles you earn could change tomorrow (currently 1,600 Flying Club Miles per £1,000). If you are considering an application you may want to consider your options as soon as possible.