7 DAYS: 50,000 Virgin Flying Club Miles Using Virgin Money Transfer Service

earn flying club miles with virgin money

This is a reminder that the awesome 50,000 Virgin Flying Club miles bonus for using the Virgin Money International Transfer service ends in 7 days. So far this has been the biggest Flying Club bonus offered from all of the Virgin brands this year.

From all the brands under the Virgin umbrella, Virgin Money appear to have had some of the best Flying Club bonuses. In the past Virgin Money offered 3,000 Flying Club miles when using the Virgin International Money Transfer service. Now Virgin Money have gone even further by offering 50,000 Flying Club miles for new customers using the Virgin Money Transfer service. The maximum bonus is almost enough Flying Club miles for a Upper Class flight from London Heathrow to Hong Kong (57,500 Flying Club miles).

The amount of Flying Club miles you earn depends on the size of your transfer:

Total transferred amount Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles
£5000 – £9999.99 2500
£10000 – £19999.99 5000
£20000 – £49999.99 10000
£50000 – £99999.99 25000
£100000+ 50000

There are also a few requirements you need to meet to qualify for the outstanding bonus, mainly that you are a new customer to the Virgin International Money Transfer service.

Virgin Money also promises a best exchange rate guarantee on all international money transfers, though it is always best to look around for the best rate and also consider international transfer specialists online. Virgin Money also publish all their exchange rates in a simple real-time chart.

To qualify for the offer you must:

  • Be a new customer, and not already have an existing Virgin Money International Transfer account
  • Open a new Virgin Money account to process the transfer (make sure to include your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club membership number during the application process)
  • Make a transfer for a minimum £5,000 before 27th March 2019

Virgin state that the miles will be credited to accounts within 60 days, but in the past when Virgin have promoted their different brands by offering Flying Club Miles, the miles earned are usually credited within 7 days. This miles promotion should be no different.

Transfer funds using the Virgin Money International Transfer service and receive up to 50,000 Flying Club Miles.

Offer ends 27th March 2019.

If you need Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles quick considering buying Virgin miles. Purchasing miles is a great way to quickly top up your account balance if you are a few miles short of a redemption.