Ryanair Launches Ryanair Choice Annual Membership

ryanair flight

Around 5 years ago the Ryanair site was one of the worst in the industry. This was relaunched a couple of years ago and at the same time Ryanair introduced myRyanair – an online account section of their site for regular flyers to help speed up future bookings. They also offered passengers who signed up in the days after the launch £10 off their next flights, which seeing as Ryanair flights can be under £10 meant that they charged 1 pence for some flights with the discount, due to the fact that Ryanair systems need to take a payment to confirm the booking. Now to enhance the Ryanair service more they have launched a series of what they call “customer care improvements” for 2019, one of the most interesting being Ryanair Choice.

Ryanair, which is currently marketed as “Europe’s number 1 airline” mentioned in a statement:

“Ryanair is pleased to launch our 2019 customer care improvements, while continuing to deliver ‘more choice, lower fares and great care’. Ryanair will carry 152m customers this year who will enjoy these latest improvements including lowest price and punctuality promises, our Customer Care Charter, new Ryanair Choice membership, and this Summer many will enjoy our new Boeing MAX “Game-changer” aircraft with more legroom and bright new interiors.

While we continue to improve our customer care, one thing that won’t change is our lower fares – which we promise will not be beaten – and our customers will still enjoy the biggest choice of destinations, with the most on-time flights and a fantastic on-board experience, as we grow our fleet, traffic and routes.”

One of the most interesting parts of the 2019 customer care improvements is the introduction of a scheme targeted towards frequent flyers – Ryanair Choice. The annual membership scheme, at a cost of £199 (of €199 if that is your local currency) is designed to encourage both regular business and frequent holiday travellers and includes:

  • Free standard seat assignments
  • Fast-track security
  • Priority boarding (which includes a 10kg bag, while non-Priority customers can only take a small carry-on)

Ryanair tend to vary their fees for extras based on the route. For a short route from Manchester to Dublin you can expect to pay around £3 for a standard seat reservation and £5 for security fast track ing the airport. That means that you will have to take quite a few trips to break-even on the Ryanair Choice membership of take more popular routes that have increased fees.

ryanair seat assignment

Overall as part of the Ryanair 2019 customer care improvements to its 152 million customers they promised the following:

  • Lowest Fares – find a cheaper fare within 3 hours, get paid the difference plus €/£ 5 MyRyanair credit
  • Punctuality – deliver 90% target (excl. ATC) or 5% off following month’s air fares
  • New Max Aircraft – new interiors, more legroom, more seats, greenest aircraft – April
  • Customer Care Charter – EU261 claims processed in 10 days, new 24/7 support, connect in 2 mins
  • Care Improvements – 48-hour free of charge grace period for changes to bookings
  • Environmental Improvements – carbon offset programme & plastic free in 5 years
  • New Ryanair Choice – €/£199 annual fee for free seats, fast-track & priority boarding for freq. guests
  • Digital Improvements – new fare finder, sports tickets, bespoke travel guides & faster mobile