LEGO Safety Video Released By Turkish Airlines

leg safety video by turkish airlines

In August of last year Turkish Airlines released their first LEGO safety video – which must be one of the best airline safety videos to date. The LEGO themed video was both funny and informative, and certainly did what the video was aimed to do – entertain and inform kids. Now earlier this month Turkish Airlines have launched the sequel safety video on based the new LEGO Movie 2 which has just started to hit cinemas in the UK.

The video, which took almost 1000 hours to produce, will be available on all Turkish Airlines flights from 1st March 2019 and highlights lots of their destinations around the world including Bali, Moscow, San Francisco, Rome, Cape Town, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It’s a little remember that Turkish Airlines currently flies to more countries than any other airline.

Here’s a few facts for those who are interested in the safety video:

  • The video took almost 1000 hours to produce over a period of around 4 months
  • Over 400 people were involved in the creative process
  • The video uses 24,000 LEGO mini figures, and a total of over 20 million LEGO bricks, ten times more bricks than were used in the first safety video
  • The original LEGO safety video has had over 28 million on the Turkish Airlines YouTube channel

Take a look at the latest LEGO 2 safety video:

The original LEGO safety video released by Turkish Airlines: