Curve No Longer Accepts American Express (Again!)

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Details of the benefits of a Curve Card have featured heavily on Travel Hacking Tutor. Not only do Curve let you link your cards together and act as an ‘all in one’ card but you also can use your Curve card abroad throughout the globe and save heavily with their 0% foreign exchange fees. Not only is the Curve card convenient but you also save money when spending abroad – win win!

Those who have been proud owners of a Curve card since the start will remember the good old days (around 18 months ago) when Curve supported American Express. This meant that you could pay with American Express anywhere, even at stores that didn’t directly accept American Express, by linking your Curve and American Express cards together. You could also push this is little further to avoid credit card fees and foreign exchange fees when spending abroad all by using your Curve card linked to your American Express. The cherry on the cake was that you also earned American Express Membership Reward points on all of your spending. Curve sadly suspended American Express support not long after and promised that in early 2019 they would again support American Express cards.

Curve announced on 28th January 2019 all of the new benefits of a Curve card (full details to follow) with the main points being the launch of the Curve Metal card and again American Express support. Existing cardholders where happy to say the least and major press and technology outlets covered the story. Sadly this lasted for around 36 hours and by Wednesday morning Curve had issued the following statement via email to all cardholders – in short Curve no longer accepts American Express.

Email send from Curve to cardholders on evening of Tuesday 29th January 2019:

We are extremely sorry that the top-up functionality of your Amex wallet is currently disabled.
Like thousands of other UK merchants, Curve has a valid merchant agreement to accept Amex payments into its e-wallet. However, on Tuesday evening, Amex decided to terminate this agreement and block all Amex transactions to Curve with immediate effect.
Amex has given no good or fair reason for their decision and we believe it is entirely disproportionate and discriminatory to Curve and all our (joint) customers. UK payment regulations clearly state that Curve should be allowed to access the Amex payment network on a level-playing field with every other fee-paying and legitimate merchant.
Rest assured that you can still spend the funds that you have already topped up to your existing Amex Wallets. If you have contacted us for support, we apologise for the delay in response and will endeavour to do so as soon as possible. We will update you as soon as we have any further information.
With your interests in mind, and our mission to deliver a truly innovative product, we intend to fight Amex’s decision with our full might. We believe financial freedom is the future and we are prepared to fight for yours.
Team Curve

Final Thoughts

It is certainly more than a shame that Curve and American Express have decided to suspend this integration at the moment. As a cardholder of a Curve card and several American Express cards, it is much easier to carry one card and link Visa, Mastercard and American Express together through a Curve card. I’m sure that Curve and American Express will be able to work something out in the future, but how long that will take is anyone’s guess.

Further details of the email from Curve, message from their CEO, and response from American Express can be read here.

Get A Curve Card Ready For American Express Support Again

If Curve and American Express come together again I would make sure that if you do not already have a card you order one well in advance. The recent promotion of American Express was covered by several large press outlets and this will have no doubt led to a surge in Curve card applications.

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