Restore Expired Hilton Honors Points From 18 Months Ago

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If you have a Hilton Honors points balance, and let your account get to 12 months of inactivity, you will lose your Hilton points – it really is that simple. When it comes to the Hilton Honors scheme, you need to ensure that you have some account activity within a 12 month period to avoid your points being lost. Now, maybe Hilton consider this policy to be too aggressive and have created an option for you to restore expired Hilton Honors points for cash, at a discounted rate when compared to points purchases.

The option to restore Hilton Honors points is charged in US Dollars, at 0.25 cents per point (around 0.17 pence per point). Hilton allow you to restore Hilton Honors points that have expired in the last 18 months, capped at 1 million points. At the moment it also appears that you can only restore Hilton Honors points once, directly through the Hilton Honors site, so you need to ensure that you restore all available points.

Since the introduction of the Hilton Honors Points & Money booking option, Hilton points are even easier to spend and can be used as full or part payment towards a hotel booking. Also if you compare the price of restoring points to purchasing Hilton points, then restoring points works out to cost less (even when there are Hilton points bonuses). Basically, if you have expired Hilton Honors points on your account within the last 18 months the Hilton Honors points restore is the cheapest option to increase you points balance.

Seeing as Hilton Honors points are so easy to redeem using the Points & Money booking option, if you have expired points and may need a Hilton stay in the next 12 months, restoring points will be the cheapest option.

To check if you have expired points on your Hilton account visit the Hilton Honors site and select the “Restore your points” option.