Are Curve Card Purchases Protected? The Mastercard Chargeback Scheme

If you’ve looking to reduce the amount of cards in your wallet/purse then the Curve Card is what you have been looking for. In short, when you make a purchase or cash withdrawal on your Curve Card it is instantly recharged to your linked Mastercard or Visa cards (such as your bank account, or even credit cards). Everything is managed through the Curve card app, which is super easy to use. If you have multiple cards registered within the Curve card app you can change the linked card at anytime in seconds. Ideal if you want to switch from debit to credit card, or from business to personal card. Curve Card purchases are even protected by the Mastercard chargeback scheme.

Curve also have, what I believe to be a unique feature, where you can change the payment source after the transaction to a different funding source. The Go Back In Time” feature allows you to change the payment funding source for any purchase under £1,000 within a 14 day window after the original purchase. If you need to switch the funding source (such as changing from a debit card to a credit card) the switch takes less than 10 seconds, and can be completed through the Curve app. Even better it’s free – perfect if you have accidentally selected the incorrect card, or want to change a purchase from a debit funding card to a credit funding card.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app or you will not receive the free credit.

curve mastercard chargeback scheme

How Are Curve Card Purchases Protected?

In short, the Curve Card is issued as a Mastercard, and as such purchases made on your Curve Card are protected by the Mastercard Chargeback Scheme. The chargeback scheme protects you for transactions made on your Curve, regardless of the amount. It doesn’t matter which debit or credit card your Curve is linked to at the time of the purchase – you’re still protected. The chargeback scheme can be utilised if:

  • Goods arrive faulty, broken, or are fake
  • Goods are charged to your card due to card fraud
  • Goods are charged for more than once
  • Tickets from a company stops trading before an event, a flight etc.

Remember in 2016 when Monarch Airlines ceased trading? Curve raised chargebacks on behalf of their customers to make sure they got their money back.

Mastercard Chargeback Scheme vs. Section 75

Credit cards include consumer protection (Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974). As Curve doesn’t issue a credit card and isn’t a bank, Section 75 doesn’t apply to purchases made with a Curve Card (that even applies if the card you’ve selected in the app is a credit card). Instead, as Curve issue a Mastercard debit card, they follow the Mastercard Chargeback Scheme.

If something goes wrong with a purchase you’ve made using your Curve Card and you’re unable to resolve it with the retailer, you may be able to claim your money back by submitting a chargeback. As Curve put it “Curve have you covered so that your money is protected”.

It’s worth knowing the differences between how your Curve Card purchases are protected, compared to purchases made on credit cards. The image below sums that up pretty well (plus there’s more information available at MoneySavingExpert).

curve card protection vs section 75

Order A Free Curve Card, With Free Credit, Or Upgrade

If you don’t already have a Curve Card you can join by downloading the app and entering promo code K7ADL for £5 free credit. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app or you will not receive the free credit.

Curve cards are available as either the basic Curve Blue Card, or the premium Curve Black Card. If you already have a Curve Blue Card then you may want to read how to upgrade to a Curve Black Card. I was lucky enough to have my account upgraded for free allowing me to earn double Curve Rewards points on purchases, and be able to withdraw £500 per day at ATMs (compared to £300 per day for the Curve Blue card).