PROMO: 8000 Virgin Flying Club Miles Opening A Virgin Money ISA

earn flying club miles with virgin money

If you’re looking to boost your existing Virgin Atlantic Flying Club balance, or are new to their frequent flyer program, then the Virgin Money ISA is a quick way to increase your balance. Currently Virgin are offering an increased sign-up bonus of 8000 Virgin Flying Club miles when opening a Virgin Money ISA (usually new applications receive around 5000 Virgin Flying Club miles).

Sign up for a Virgin ISA with a bonus of 8000 Flying Club miles

With the Virgin Money ISA (also referred to as the “Virgin Money Stocks and Shares ISA”) there are 2 different ways to invest. You can either:

  • Deposit a minimum of £5000 as a lump sum, or
  • Invest a minimum of £150 per month for at least 6 months

If your primary reason for opening a Virgin Money ISA is to quickly boost your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club balance then the 6 x £150 month contribution has the smaller outlay. If you choose to either invest a lump sum or monthly the Virgin Flying Club miles gained when signing up to a Virgin Money ISA are typically credited within 1 week of application. Make sure to add your Flying Club membership number when opening the ISA.

Though the miles post to Virgin Flying Club accounts within 1 week the terms of the application state that you must have “an open account” for at least 12 months. Virgin Atlantic could remove the miles from your Flying Club account (if the miles haven’t been redeemed), though I’m not sure if Virgin would go to that extent.

Having a Virgin Money account already means that you can access Virgin Money lounges throughout the UK for free.

If you already have a “Stock and Shares” ISA with Virgin Money or any other financial institute than you cannot open another account in the same tax year. Also these Virgin Money products, as with many other investments could lead to the loss of your capital. You should take financial advise where needed before opening an account and read through all of the Virgin Money terms and conditions.

Sign up for a Virgin ISA with a bonus of 8000 Flying Club miles

Offer ends 31st May 2018.