REVIEW: YotelAir Lounge At Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

yotelair lounge cdg paris airport

Back in August Priority Pass added a new airport lounge to their extensive portfolio, the YotelAir Lounge at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. New and existing Priority Pass members can access the lounge for free depending on membership status. If you’re not already a Priority Pass member you can receive 10% off all Priority Pass plans directly on their site. The discount even applies to their basic plan, the “Standard” membership, lower the cost of joining Priority Pass to £62 for the year.

Last month, when in Paris Charles de Gaulle I decided to review the lounge to see how it compared to the glossy marketing images and check out the facilities (which include showers).

The YotelAir lounge is located at Gate L, Terminal 2E of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and is part of Paris Instant Lounge, a new free airport lounge concept. Passengers who are departing from Gates K, L and M are all able to visit the lounge, though passengers departing from gates K and M need to take a shuttle to/from the lounge. The YotelAir lounge can only be accessed by passengers with a departing international flight outside of the European Union (with the exception of the United Kingdom) from Terminal 2E gates K, L, M or passengers that are in transit to or from an international flight outside of the European Union from Terminal 2E gates K, L, M.

After passport control in Terminal 2E you need to turn left towards the shuttle which links gates K, L and M.

yotelair cdg L gates

Signage directly after passport control

yotelair cdg monorail

The shuttle between gates at Terminal 2E

After jumping off the shuttle at the 1st stop, gates L, you need to head upstairs. If you’re departing from gates K or M you need to walk back to this shuttle stop after leaving the lounge to connect to your gate.

yotelair cdg signage

Signage pointing upstairs towards the lounge and hotel

YotelAir Lounge at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport is part of the new concept airport lounge area, named Instant Paris Lounge. The space in the Instant Paris Lounge has been designed to offer passengers with a longer wait between flights a free and more relaxing place to rest instead of the busy airport terminal. The dedicated zone has a distinctive French theme based on a Parisian apartment.

With the lounge area being based on a typical Parisian apartment there are separate zones for eating, relaxing and sleeping. The dining part of the lounge is provided by Naked, a casual dining restaurant offering both organic and fair trade food. For relaxing there is ample seating throughout the lounge, based in different areas. Some of the seating in a library themed area, some in-front of the giant television, and more in a gaming section of the lounge for children.

When entering the Instant Paris Lounge you will notice the YotelAir Lounge in the distance.

instant paris lounge entrance

The YotelAir Lounge and hotel at the very back of the Instant Paris Lounge

yotelair cdg outside

The entrance to the YotelAir Lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport, part of the Instant Paris Lounge

yotelair cdg entrance

Lounge check-in, also named “Mission Control”

The lounge is open 24 hours a day. If you are a Priority Pass member access seems to be limited between 5am and 10pm (doubt that be enforced). Guests are issued with a €10 voucher per person per visit to be used towards the purchase of light refreshments and snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks. Children under 2 years old are admitted free but receive no credit voucher.

The club lounge has a mixture of seating. Comfortable where you can relax in sofas and chairs while playing board games available in the lounge, or alternatively desks and co-working tables with ample power sockets for those who need to catch up before the flight. The lounge also provide free wifi.

yotelair cdg lounge entrance

Main lounge seating area with sofas, stools with power access, and large conference table

yotelair cdg seating

The main seating area early morning

yotelair cdg work area

The large work table in the lounge

There is a smaller room towards the back of the lounge, which is much quieter. Though the lounge has a sign at reception saying “no sleeping in the lounge” it doesn’t appear to be well enforced.

yotelair cdg games area

Lounge guests sleeping in the quieter room towards the back of the lounge

yotelair cdg showers

Showers are available in the lounge

yotelair cdg snack area

The “Smart Box” where you can buy snacks

It was a shame that during my stay in the lounge, which was well over an hour, the hot drinks machines were all out of use.

yotelair cdg snacks refill

Drinks and snacks in the lounge

yotelair cdg boarding details

Scan your boarding pass to check flight status

Overall, this lounge visit could have been better. Arriving when there were no hot drinks available wasn’t ideal. It was however a nice quiet place to stay before my flight back to the UK, and had a good work area with a fast internet connection. Either way, being a Priority Pass member meant this was a free visit to try out the lounge.