FREE Upgrade To A Curve Black Card

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Curve have two variations of their cards – the basic Curve Blue card, and the premium Curve Black card. The blue card is currently available for free, while the Curve Black card costs £50 (a one-off up front fee, not per year). Both of the cards come with £5 free credit for new customers (full details below) and operate in the same way, so what are the benefits of the Curve Black card and how can existing cardholders upgrade from a Curve Blue card to a Curve Black card for free?

For those who are still new to the concept of the Curve card, it is a card that links to your existing Mastercard or Visa cards (such as your bank account, or even credit cards). Everything is managed through the Curve card app, which is super easy to use. After cards have been added everything you spend on the Curve card is instantly recharged to your linked account. If you have multiple cards registered within the Curve card app you can change the linked card at anytime in seconds. Ideal if you want to switch from debit to credit card, or from business to personal card.

Curve have also recently added a new feature to their platform, named Go Back In Time. The feature allows you to change the payment funding source for any purchase under £1,000 within a 14 day window after the original purchase. The switch takes less than 10 seconds to swap a purchase from one funding card to another. It’s free, and can be done entirely in-app – perfect if you have accidentally selected the incorrect card, or want to change a purchase from a debit funding card to a credit funding card.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app to receive the free credit.

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Curve Black Card Benefits

The Curve Black card operates in exactly the same way as the Curve Blue card. The only difference, apart from the colour of the card, is that the Curve Black card earns double the amount of Curve Rewards points when compared to the Curve Blue card (read more about Curve Reward points to learn the basics of this loyalty scheme). Further benefits of the Curve Black card may appear in the future.

The Curve Black card also costs £50, though you can upgrade from a Curve Blue card for free.

The majority of retailers who are part of the Curve Rewards scheme offer 3% cashback for Curve Black cardholders in the form of Curve Rewards points, compared to 1.5% cashback for Curve Blue cardholders. Only H. Samuel and Virgin Experiences offer higher cashback at 5% and 2.5% retrospectively. Read the full list of Curve Rewards participating retailers.

To offset the original cost of the Curve Black card (£50) you would need to spend £1,667 at a retailer offering 3% cashback (3% of £1,667 = £50), or £1,000 at a retailer offering 5% cashback.

If you’re already a regular spender in these stores then the Curve Black card may make sense to you. After all if you plan on spending over £1,000 at either H. Samuel or Virgin Experiences the cashback alone would offset the cost of the Curve Black card. If spending at the other retailers who are offering 3% cashback then after spending over £1,667 you would have offset the original cost of the card and will continue to earn further cashback.

You should also take into consideration that the Curve Rewards points earned are in addition to any reward points you earn on a Mastercard or Visa funding card. Using a Curve card at a participating retailer will earn both Curve Rewards points and rewards points on the funding card.

Free Upgrade To A Curve Black Card

If you’re already a Curve Blue cardholder there is currently no way in the Curve app to trigger an upgrade to a Curve Black card. To request an upgrade to a Curve Black card the best option is to send a message directly through the secure messaging section of the app. My previous experience of using Curve in-app secure messaging is that they are extremely quick at replying. During business hours you can usually expect a response within a couple of hours.

Requesting an upgrade from a Curve Blue to a Curve Black card has worked for me, though I do put a considerable amount through my Curve account each month. If you spend a high amount through your Curve account then you may also be eligible for a Curve Black card upgrade. When I contacted Curve they must have been feeling generous on the day or I ticked the boxes, but either way Curve upgraded my account and issued a Curve Black card for free when I made the request (Thanks Curve!). Your results may vary.

Not only will you receive double the amount of Curve Rewards points after the upgrade but you will also:

  • Be able to withdraw £500 per day at ATMs (compared to £300 per day for the Curve Blue card), and
  • Have your card purchase and ATM limits reset, as the Curve Black card is technically a “new” card

Currently you cannot request a free upgrade to a Curve Black card through their app.

Get A Curve Card, For Free, With Free Credit

If you are looking into a Curve card you can either choose the blue or black card. Personally I would recommend that either take out the Curve Black card if you think you will be able to offset the original cost through Curve Rewards points, or alternatively take out the Curve Blue card and after a little while request an upgrade to the Curve Black card.

To order either of the Curve cards, and also to receive £5 of free credit download the app using the link below and make sure to enter the promo code K7ADL. The £5 free credit will be issued after making your first purchase.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app to receive the free credit.

You need to enter the code on the first screen of the app by pressing “Add a referral code”. Curve is currently targeted towards the business market and you will be asked to confirm if you operate your own business, are self employed, or earn any funds aside from a regular job. There currently appears to be no checks against this information.

The Curve app is available for Apple and Android devices.