INSTANT Club Carlson Gold Status Still Available?

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Last week a reader sent in an email to confirm they have been able to get instant Club Carlson Gold status through the American Express promotion link which was originally published in 2014 (original article). It seems that though the promotion ended quite some time ago Club Carlson are willing to upgrade some new member accounts to Gold status, without the need to make any hotel stays.

Back in 2014 when the offer was first published it was possible to sign up to Club Carlson as a new member through the American Express promotion, and be fast tracked to Gold status without the need of any hotel stays. The promotion, which was originally aimed towards American Express Gold cardholders (also known as the Preferred Rewards Gold card) lasted for a limited time but Club Carlson never removed the signup page from their site.

Now, it is still possible to signup for a new Club Carlson with the chance of having your account upgraded to Gold status. The “chance” being that after signing up you need to contact Club Carlson with details of your new account number and the promotional code that you used when creating an account. The reader that emailed in last week said that after sending an email to Club Carlson with these details he received an email back stating that the promotion had ended but they were still willing to upgrade his account to Gold status. When logging into his account after reading the email his account was already showing Gold status.

First, you need to create a new Club Carlson account, as it is not possible to upgrade an existing account. If you already have a Club Carlson account with a lower status and no/few points then it may be worthwhile considering creating a new account for yourself or a partner. When creating the account you need to sign up through the American Express promotional link making sure that you enter the promotion code AMEXGOLD. After creating a new account login to view the account number (status will show as “Red”) and send this through on an email to with the promo code, or you could call 0207 949 0378. Remember that though the reader who reported this working received the status upgrade you may not, as it will most likely be at the discretion of the person handling the enquiry at Club Carlson.

Or, Club Carlson Gold Status With A Status Match

Club Carlson Gold status is usually triggered after staying at 35 nights or 20 stays in a calendar year (at any of their hotel brands such as Radisson BluPark PlazaPark Inn, or Quorvus Collection properties). The key status benefits of Club Carlson Gold are complimentary room upgrades, a welcome gift on arrival and enhanced point earning rate on paid stays. Club Carlson’s highest status, Concierge, is triggered after staying 35 nights or 20 stays in a calendar year and includes a free continental breakfast in addition to the Gold status benefits, though this cannot be earned through a status match.

Club Carlson were kind enough to provide a list of loyalty schemes, which can be matched to Club Carlson Gold. Club Carlson match top level status in each of the following scheme to Club Carlson Gold and second level to Club Carlson Silver. Club Carlson also state that the status match is a one time offer.

  • Accor
  • Azimut
  • Choice Hotels
  • Hyatt
  • Intercontinental
  • Jumeirah International
  • Marriott
  • Melia Hotels
  • NH Hotels
  • Rotana
  • SAS Eurobonus
  • Starwood

If you already have top or second level status in any of the above loyalty schemes you will need to send proof of your current membership (either a photo or your membership card or a screenshot of your online account) to Club Carlson usually take around 5 days to update your account.