REVIEW: Using Gett In London, An Uber Alternative (Originally GetTaxi)

gett originally gettaxi

Uber has always been my default taxi app. Their coverage throughout the world makes their platform hugely beneficial to any traveller who is visiting a foreign country, even if you are just using their app to organise a ride from the airport. While Uber offer a global network of drivers through their app, there is a worthwhile Uber alternative, especially if you are based in the UK.

Gett is the best alternative to Uber, and is rapidly expanding throughout UK cities. Originally starting in London, they now have arrangements with over 11,500 black cabs in the city alone, making it the biggest black cab app in the UK (larger than Uber or Addison Lee). Gett has since expanded to a total of 25 cities in the UK and operates with the same idea as other apps using the ‘no wallet, no problem’ logic. Users can quickly open the app, automatically locate themselves, and order a taxi using their preset debit or credit card in a matter of seconds.

Download the Gett app, register using promo code GTEJNBQ, and you will receive £50 of free credit (read more about the Gett promotion).

Over the weekend I decided to give Gett a try, instead of opening up the Uber app. One thing you notice straight away is the similarities between Gett and Uber. Both Gett and Uber use a super simple map overlay showing your current location and vehicles in the area. From there you can position the pin at a convenient pick-up location.

order gett taxi

When happy with the pick-up location on the next screen you can enter the destination. The benefit of Gett over Uber is that you can select a fixed fare ride. This guarantees the fare before the ride commences. For this journey I was travelling from London Kings Cross station to the Novotel London Blackfriars (review).

gett taxi destination input

As well as fixed fare you can also choose to pay by the meter. This typically is a little less, though if you hit traffic, you will end up paying more overall. The difference between fixed fare and pay by the meter for this ride worked out less that 10%. In my opinion it’s not worth the risk.

gett fixed price rates

Again more similarities between Gett and Uber with the app interface are noticed when requesting a ride. The request for a black cab takes around 30 seconds to allocate you to a free nearby driver.

gett locating a black cab

After a cab has been allocated you can track its progress to the pick-up point. The registration number and vehicle model are displayed in the app to help you locate the vehicle. You can also call the driver directly through the app if needed.

gett black cab on the way

When in the cab the app updates to show the route of overall journey, progress and estimated time of arrival. With this being London it certainly can be “estimated” depending on traffic.

gett journey overview

After completing the journey you can then rate the driver and view the cost of the ride. If you selected a fixed fare this will match the original amount if you arrived at your vehicle on time and didn’t change the drop off location.

The benefit of Gett compared to other platforms such as Uber is that you can set a fixed fare before booking a ride. That gives you the chance to work out if you want to take a cab or look into other options, such as the London Underground. Also seeing as Gett partner with black cabs this means that on your journey you can take advantage of bus lanes, which should get you to your destination quicker.

As you can see the final fare was actually zero due to a voucher code. If you also was to ride for free in Gett black cabs download the Gett app, register using promo code GTEJNBQ, and you will receive £50 of free credit. The free credit is split across your next 10 rides, each of which receive a £5 discount. Short rides with a fare of under £5 will be free.

gett payment screen with voucher applied

The free credit you receive from the Gett promo can be redeemed in any city they operate in, currently a total of 25, which includes the following.

Bath Birmingham Bournemouth
Bradford Brighton Bristol
Cambridge Cardiff Coventry
Edinburgh Glasgow Hull
Leeds Leicester Liverpool
London Manchester Milton Keynes
Newcastle Nottingham Oxford
Portsmouth Reading Sheffield

Download the Gett app and register using promo code GTEJNBQ.