Hilton Honors Points Now Being Sold With A 50% Discount

aerial view of hilton waikoloa village

The latest Hilton Honors points promotion is now live and offers a 50% discount when purchasing 5,000 or more Hilton points. The promotion is the same as earlier in the year which also offered a 50% discount. Hilton are known to differ their promotions between a “100% bonus” and “50% discount”, both of which are the exact in terms of the amount you will pay when purchasing points.

Until 5th October 2017 (which coincidentally is the same as the end of the Club Carlson points promotion) you receive 50% off Hilton Honors points. If purchasing under 5,000 points you receive no discount.

  • Buy under 5,000 points and receive no bonus
  • Buy 5,000 – 80,000 points and receive a 50% bonus

Purchasing Hilton Honors points is a great way to boost your existing points balance. Booking rooms using points is a great way to save money on Hilton stays instead of paying cash.

Purchase Hilton points before the points promotion ends on 5th October 2017.

hilton points 50% discount

During the promotion you can purchase up to 80,000 Hilton points, at up to 50% off the full rate (normally $10 per 1,000 points). To receive the discount you need to purchase over 5,000 Hilton Honors points. Any purchase of 5,000 or more Hilton Honors points will receive a discount of up to 50%. Purchasing Hilton Honors points with the maximum 50% discount works out at £4.00 per 1,000 points (charged in dollars at $5.00 per 1,000).

Offer ends 5th October 2017.