Redeeming The FREE Airbnb Business Traveller Voucher

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Throughout the year Airbnb have promoted a series of great stackable bonuses, many of which have been available for both new and existing members. Their partnership with American Express made it possible to receive 2% cashback on all bookings made, plus they launched a competition where you had the chance of winning $5,000 in Airbnb credit (both now ended). Airbnb are still continuing to promote their platform towards business travellers. After your first stay you will receive an Airbnb business traveller voucher which can be redeem towards any future booking. The voucher is worth £38 in Airbnb credit.

Airbnb for business, let’s you search for properties that are ‘Business Travel Ready’ and will only show houses and apartments with wireless internet, a laptop ready workspace, 24/7 self check-in, and travel essentials like hair dryers, shampoo, and an iron. Airbnb also requires hosts of Business Travel Ready properties to have more 5 star reviews from previous guests than the average listing, and a 90%+ response rate within 24 hours for all enquiries. Business Travel Ready properties on Airbnb identified with a briefcase icon (airbnb business ready briefcase icon).

Earning An Airbnb Business Traveller Voucher

Airbnb is extremely popular with users who are looking to book properties for leisure purposes. Now Airbnb are looking to target business travellers by enticing them from away from traditional hotels by offering ‘Business Travel Ready’ properties through Airbnb, plus an additional cash incentive that can be used for future business or leisure bookings.

Both new and existing Airbnb members are able to earn an Airbnb Business Traveller voucher. If you are not an existing Airbnb member signup and create an account (new members currently receive £30 free credit towards their first booking). After creating a new account, or if you are already an Airbnb member, register for the Airbnb Business Traveller program. This will update you Airbnb profile by adding the Business Traveller feature to your account. Now when going through the booking process of requesting a stay you need to select ‘Business’ instead of ‘Leisure’ when prompted.

The Airbnb site displays the value of the Business Traveller voucher lower if you are not logged in. Make sure you are logged in before signing up to Airbnb Business Traveller.

After booking and checking in to the property for the first ‘Business’ stay, with a reservation of £57 or more (based on $75 at current exchange rate), you will receive an email containing a voucher code to use towards future bookings. Currently the Airbnb Business Traveller voucher is valued at £38 (based on $50 at current exchange rate) and can be redeemed at any property.

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Redeeming An Airbnb Business Traveller Voucher

The Airbnb Business Traveller voucher, currently valued at £38 (based on $50 at current exchange rate), can be redeemed at any property. The voucher itself is automatically sent via email after you check-in to a property for your first ‘Business’ stay, as mentioned above. The email containing the voucher code usually arrives a couple of days after check-in.

airbnb business traveller voucher

Redeeming the Business Traveller voucher to receive a discount towards a future booking is extremely simple. Login to your existing Airbnb account and search for a properties for the relevant dates as you normally would. When continuing to the payment section enter the voucher code you received in the email from Airbnb. The booking will then be discounted by the amount shown in the Airbnb email.

The Business Traveller voucher code is valid for 12 months from the date you receive the email from Airbnb. If you book a stay within this 12 month period, you will still receive the discount even if the stay dates are after the expiry date of the voucher. You can use the voucher towards any Airbnb property, in any location, for any travel dates.

Earn your own Business Traveller voucher by signing up to Airbnb, registering for the Airbnb Business Traveller program, and making a booking.