Airbnb 2% Cashback Offer Ends In 7 Days

airbnb cashback

Airbnb and American Express have partnered together making it possible to get 2% cashback on all bookings. If you already have an American Express card, login to your account to check if you have been targeted for the cashback. The Airbnb 2% cashback offer will be available on the “Offers” section if your card has been targeted. If you have multiple American Express cards remember to check each card, including any supplementary cards.

The offer can be used multiple times for any future bookings. When making payment for a booking on Airbnb make sure you an American Express card, and not a payment provider such as PayPal. Payments to Airbnb through PayPal using an American Express will not generate cashback credit.

Offer ends 25th August 2017.

Ongoing Airbnb Offers

These Airbnb offers can also be stacked with the 2% cash back offer. Using both of the promotions you can save a total of £70 off future Airbnb bookings + further discount if receiving 2% cashback.