Hilton Honors Points Pooling Feature

hilton honors points pooling feature

Hilton relaunched their loyalty scheme, Hilton Honors earlier in the year. The relaunch, which included a name change from Hilton HHonors to Hilton Honors, also brought a few new features to the scheme. Hilton Honors points pooling was introduced as part of the relaunched.

Hilton now allow you to link your account with up to 10 other members, and pool points together with the entire group. After accounts have been linked points can be transferred for free and instantly into the pool.

Points transfers need to be a minimum of 1,000 Hilton Honors points up to a maximum of 500,000 Hilton Honors points into a pool in a calendar year.

Create a Hilton points pool for your group.

Being able to pool points means that:

  • Any accounts with over 1,000 points can transfer into the pool to avoid expiry
  • You can purchase more than the capped limit of Hilton Honors points per year, and then combine the points for a redemption
  • Friends and family can signup for bonus promotions and then pool points together
  • If anyone in the group has status with Hilton this member should book the redemption in order to receive status benefits for the stay