Travel Tips For Using Your Curve Card Abroad

Curve promote their piece of plastic as an ‘all in one’ card, and do not specifically focus their card towards international travellers and holidaymakers. The main benefit of the card for travellers is that you can save a considerable amount of money by using your Curve card abroad instead a regular debit or credit card. The Curve card helps to reduce foreign transaction fees by charging one of the best foreign exchange rates on the market, which is usually much lower than typical bank accounts.

A Free Curve Card To Use Abroad

To order a free Curve card, and also receive £5 of free credit download the app using the link below and make sure to enter the promo code K7ADL. A free Curve Blue card will be sent and the £5 free credit issued after making your first purchase.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app or you will not receive the free credit.

You need to enter the code on the first screen of the app by pressing “Add a referral code”. Curve is currently targeted towards the business market and you will be asked to confirm if you operate your own business, are self employed, or earn any funds aside from a regular job. There currently appears to be no checks against this information.

The Curve app is available for Apple and Android devices.

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Travel Tips For Using Your Curve Card Abroad

Setup Your Curve Account Before Departure

If you have just signed up for a Curve card specifically for your holidays, and haven’t used the card before, make sure you have added a funding card. After adding a funding card via the Curve app the card is ready to use. Make sure to do this is you plan on arriving at a location where you may have a limited wifi or mobile internet connection.

Increase Your Spending Limits

The default limits for a Curve Card are capped at £200 per day for cash withdrawals from an ATM, and £2000 per day for purchases on the card (£5000 per rolling 30 days).

If you plan on using the Curve Card as your main payment card while abroad then you may find that you could exceed these limits. Paying for hotel accommodation at the end of your stay may be over the £2000 limit. To avoid the transaction being declined contact Curve and ask for your spending limits to be reviewed, and increased if possible.

Curve appear to review accounts based on the last 8 weeks of spending when requesting higher spending limits.

Always Pay In The Local Currency

One of the greatest benefits of a Curve card is that you can use your piece of plastic almost anywhere in the world, no matter what the currency. Curve automatically converts the transaction, using the Mastercard foreign exchange rate, from the local currency to your funding card currency (which most likely will be GBP).

As Curve converts the transaction instantly you should always pay in the local currency where you are making the purchase (in Spain pay in €, in Japan pay in ¥ etc). Exchange rates offered abroad where the merchant converts the transaction themselves is usually a much poorer rate.

Know How To Contact Curve

My personal experience with Curve Customer Services has been great on the couple of occasions I have had to contact them. They have been extremely quick at replying to all forms of contact, and typically take a couple of hours during business hours. Secure message via the Curve app appears to be the quickest and most private way of reaching Curve.

If you find that you need to contact a person in an emergency (such as a declined transaction or lost/stolen card) then you can also contact Curve via telephone.