The Travelex Money Card – A Prepaid Currency Card

Prepaid currency cards are not a new concept to the market, in fact Travelex recently cancelled their “Cash Passport” prepaid cards which have been around for several years (just as they cancelled the Travelex Supercard last month). The problem with the Cash Passport card was the fact it was only available in a very limited amount of currencies. Their latest product, the Travelex Money Card aims to combat that problem, as well as offering a few other benefits. The Travelex Money Card is free for new customers.

Signup for a Travelex Money Card for free international ATM withdrawals and global internet access.

The Travelex Money Card is a re-loadable currency card issued by Mastercard. It is also contactless. Funds can be topped up onto the card in a choice of 10 available currencies including British Pounds, US dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Canadian Dollars, South African Rand, Turkish Lira, Swiss Franc and UAE Dirham. That’s certainly an increase in the amount of currencies available, when compared to the old Travelex Cash Passport. The card is can be loaded online, over the phone, or via the Travelex Money Card app which is available for iPhone and Android mobiles.

After topping up the card you are free to spend at millions of locations around the world, wherever Mastercard is accepted. As your balance is converted to the chosen currency when topping up you do not have the rely on a varying exchange rate when spending on the card. The Travelex Money Card also charges no ATM fees when withdrawing cash abroad, and has a £500 daily ATM withdrawal limit. If for example, you have a balance on the card in Euros and spend or withdraw €100, then this is the exact amount that will be debited from the card. No other fees apply.

The Travelex Money Card also comes with free internet access via Boingo wifi hotspots throughout the world (view Boingo hotspots). Boingo have over 1 million hotspots globally allowing you to connect at thousands of hotels (including Marriott, Hilton and Accor), retail locations, cafes and restaurants, and hundreds of airports. To access Boingo wifi you need to register for a Boingo account within 12 months of opening your Travelex Money Card. Boingo wifi access will then be available for 3 months from registration. Access to the service is automatically renewed and extended by 3 months each time you load your Travelex card with £100 or more.

The card is ideal for those who prefer to have a tighter control on their finances when abroad. Pre-paid cards allow you to set your spending limit according to your budget by only topping up the amount you wish to spend. The card is also ideal for younger travellers, or those who do not want to apply for a travel credit card.

Signup for a Travelex Money Card for free international ATM withdrawals and global internet access.