Get A WIZZ Discount Club Membership

Wizz Air, or WIZZ, are a low-cost airline based in Budapest, Hungary who have recently been extending many of their routes. Some of these routes have been to the smaller regional airports within the UK, while other routes have been to major cities such as Dubai. They operate a very similar model to other low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, have the same 30″ seat pitch, but serve several different routes. In addition to selling their low-cost fares they also offer a “WIZZ Discount Club” membership for under €30 per year. Members of the scheme and a companion can save money on flights and baggage, with the minimum being €10 per flight and €5 on baggage.

WIZZ fly from several airports in the UK where other low-cost airlines do not serve. Currently they operate flights between:

  • Aberdeen
  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Doncaster Sheffield
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • London Gatwick
  • London Luton

The full route map is available on the WIZZ site.

WIZZ Discount Club Membership

With a WIZZ Discount Club membership it’s possible to further reduce the cost of flights and baggage when booking with WIZZ. There are two different levels of the WIZZ Discount Club. Membership starts at under €30 per year for the standard membership which allows one person plus a companion to receive a discount on flights and baggage. The discount can be used multiple times during the one year period.

Members of the scheme save a minimum of €10 per flight and €5 on baggage.

Types of membership

Standard membership

The WIZZ standard club membership is aimed at those who usually travel solo, or with up to one travel companion. This is the ideal membership for a couple as only one person is required to have a membership to receive the discount for both people. The standard membership cost €29.99 per year and offers:

  • A guaranteed minimum discount per person of €10 off each flight for all fares over €19.99
  • €5 discount on each large cabin bag and checked-in baggage purchased online
  • Discounts to the reservation for the member’s travel companion (if the member and companion are travelling on the same booking)
  • Members only offers via email before others and get access to additional discounts and promotional fares

Group membership

The group membership has all of the same benefits but allows the member plus up to 5 companions. This membership is aimed towards families who can then all benefit from the discounted fares and baggage costs, even if just one member of the family has a WIZZ discount club membership. Membership costs €59.99 per year.

Buy/upgrade a WIZZ discount club membership

As part of the booking when purchasing flights and baggage you are able to add the WIZZ discount club membership (either standard or group membership). The price of the membership is added to the booking, and then the discount for flights and baggage is deducted. Even when travelling on your first booking with just one companion can reduce the cost of the booking more than membership price, making the membership totally free. Membership is activated on day of booking for one year.

Standard memberships can be upgraded to group memberships at any time by logging into your account and paying the difference between the membership fees (currently €30).