The Best Place In Sofia (Bulgaria) For A Coffee

Sofia is full of quirky little coffee shops, but if you’re looking for artisan coffee along with traditional Bulgarian food then the Rainbow Factory (Fabrika Daga) is the place to visit. Their menu covers all of the usual cups of coffee but you can also choose how you would like to have your coffee filtered (aeropress, V60, cafetiere) or just served directly from the barista machine. However you take your coffee each one is turned into an art form by the coffee barista.

Rainbow Factory is highly rated on TripAdvisor (take a look at their reviews) and is located on a small backstreet in the center of the city. If you visit before try and sample their great breakfast menu which has a selection of Bulgarian and English foods. If you arrive a little later try one of the Bulgarian specialty dishes, which changes each day, or a sandwich. Just make sure to arrive before 12pm, or after 1pm, to avoid the midday rush.

Two lattes with coffee artwork on top

Loads of great Bulgarian food to try at breakfast or lunch

Great modern space to have a coffee in the center of Sofia

See you food being prepared at the counter at Rainbow Cafe

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