Hilton Diamond Status Match Extended Until March 2019

Hilton have now extended their hotel status match policy, allowing you to get instant status from now up until 31st March 2019. If you have elite status in another hotel chain and have stayed in the last 12 months Hilton will match you to a similar status in Hilton Honors. The status easily be transferred across to Hilton hotels by using a simple online form. The status match can be used to match to Hilton Honors Silver, Gold or Diamond. Using this as a Hilton Diamond status match is a quick way of transferring across status instead of accumulating 30 stays, 60 nights or 120,000 base points.

The status match is valid instantly for 90 days, designed to give you a taste of elite status, and is extended until 31st March 2019 depending on which level you match to. If matched to Hilton Honors Gold your status will be extended to 31st March after completing 4 stays within 90 days. Hilton Honors Diamond requires 8 stays within 90 days. The key to being able to meet this stay requirement is to request a status match just before you plan on making your first stay.

Even if you have a mid tier status with another hotel the match is worth considering. Hilton Honors Gold status has one of the best mid-level hotel statuses offered by a chain hotel. Hilton Honors Gold status offers a complementary breakfast for guests at the majority of their hotels, and occasionally you will receive a free room upgrade (see all Hilton Honors Gold status benefits). Hilton Diamond status, which is the top Hilton Honors level, offers lounge access in addition to the Gold benefits (see all Hilton Honors Diamond status benefits).

Match Your Existing Status To Hilton

Already a Hilton Honors member: Complete the form online so Hilton can match you to a similar level in their hotel loyalty scheme, Hilton Honors.

Not a Hilton Honors member: Sign up to Hilton Honors, then complete the form online to match your existing hotel status to Hilton Honors using the link above.