REMINDER: £70 Free Airbnb Credit In Time For Summer

Earn Airline Miles With Airbnb

If you’re new to Airbnb now is the time to sign up. The Airbnb sign up bonus has never been so high, currently at £30 for new members, double the amount compared to last year. Airbnb also have an interesting promotion where you can save a further £40 off your second stay, just by clicking a button to say the trip is for business purposes (no further questions are asked by Airbnb to check if the stay is actually for business travel). Using both of the promotions you can save a total of £70 with this free Airbnb credit. £30 off your first booking, and £40 off your second booking.

A Background To Airbnb

Airbnb offer thousands of places to stay, around the globe, in over 190 countries. You have the option to either book just a room, or an entire property (such as a beach-side villa or a city-centre apartment), all of which can be done 100% online, directly on the Airbnb platform. Their site is the link between you and thousands of property owners who could be advertising just a room or their entire property on the Airbnb site. The only way to find these properties is directly on the Airbnb platform; they do not partner with hotel comparison sites.

£30 Off Your First Booking (Signup Bonus)

Right now Airbnb have increased the amount new members receive to £30. To receive the signup bonus, create a new account, and the platform will automatically deduct £30 from your first booking. The discount will remain on your account until it has been used, so even if you don’t need to book a trip straight away it is still a good idea to sign up to receive the £30 bonus.

Airbnb bonuses for new members is not anything new, and they have been offering sign-up promotions almost since the creation of the platform. The bonus amount was fixed at £15 for a long time, and then back in August of last year Airbnb increased the bonus for new members to £25. Now the bonus amount has been increased to £30 for new members.

Depending on where in the world you are planning on visiting this could mean that your first stay is free. The easiest way to find free accommodation (ie. under the £30 sign-up bonus amount) is to use the accommodation search for a specific city, and then order the property price from low to high. You can see on the map that even in Italy it is possible to find accommodation from only £10 per night (full article: free Airbnb accommodation).

Sign up to Airbnb for £30 off your first booking.

£40 Off Your Second Booking (Airbnb Voucher)

It’s possible to get a £40 voucher if you are an existing member, or a new member. After creating your Airbnb, or if you have an existing account, sign up to Airbnb Business Traveller. This doesn’t require you to create a new account, you can just add the Business Traveller feature to your existing account in a few clicks. To gain the £40 voucher through this promotion you need to request a stay and select ‘Business’ instead of ‘Leisure’ when booking. The free £40 voucher is credited after your first business stay and can be redeemed off your next Airbnb booking, at any property.