Guide To The Curve Card & Curve Rewards

use a curve card to earn curve rewards points

If you are new to the Curve Card and Curve Rewards you may want to start by reading the original article, basics of the Curve Card, for a full background (where you can also get a Curve card for free with £5 credit). For those new to the concept of the Curve card it is essentially an ‘all in one’ card that lets you carry one card with you instead of many. Your existing debit and credit cards can all be linked to your Curve card, after which you can then use your Curve card to spend almost anywhere around the globe. At the end of last year Curve introduced their own loyalty scheme, Curve Rewards, where you can earn reward points on specific purchases. After collecting only a few points you can then exchange Curve Rewards points to purchase items for free. You can spend Curve Rewards points with PayPal, Amazon, direct on retailers websites, or in-store. This guide to the Curve Card details how to get a free card, how to earn Curve Rewards points to boost your balance, and the easiest ways to spend the rewards.

Guide To The Curve Card

The Curve card is well tested and so far Curve cards have been used in over 80 different countries around the world, with over £15 million in transaction processed since its creation. According to Curve, the card saves the average traveller around £70 per year.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app or you will not receive the free credit.

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The Basics Of How A Curve Card Works

The Curve card links to your existing Mastercard or Visa cards (such as your bank account, or even credit cards). Everything is managed through the Curve card app, which is super easy to use. After cards have been added everything you spend on the Curve card is instantly recharged to your linked account. If you have multiple cards registered within the Curve card app you can change the linked card at anytime in seconds. Ideal if you want to switch from debit to credit card, or from business to personal card.

Using A Curve Card Abroad

If you are planning on using the Curve card abroad this is where you can really start to save money. By using the Curve curve abroad instead of your regular debit or credit card you minimise any foreign transaction fees and also receive a better foreign exchange rate than what is typically on the market (when comparing to purchasing foreign cash in the UK before travel). Any purchase or cash withdrawal you make in the local currency (such as euro, dollar etc) is automatically converted to pound sterling. If you plan on withdrawing cash from an ATM while abroad you will be charged 1% of the withdrawal amount + a £2 transaction fee. Purchases abroad on the card have no transaction fee, just the 1% charge. If you compare this to the majority of UK banks you will discover this is lower than their fees, which are usually around 3%.

Full details of the cheapest way to spend cash abroad when comparing cash withdrawals to card purchases can be viewed in the Curve and Supercard comparison review.

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The Curve Rewards Scheme

Towards the back end of last year Curve announced, with limited details, a new loyalty scheme named Curve Rewards. The rewards scheme, which is points based, allows you to collect Curve Rewards points by using your Curve card for everyday purchases and spending. Reward points can be cashed out at any stage to make a purchase. Read the full article about the Curve Rewards Scheme.

Earning Curve Rewards Points

Curve Rewards points are shown in real-time. If you make a purchase you will be able to see instantly an increase in your Curve Rewards points balance. There is no limit to the amount of Curve Reward points you can earn. Curve Black cardholders will receive double reward points, compared to Curve Blue cardholders.

A retailer offering 3% in Curve Rewards means for a purchase of £100 you will receive £3 of Curve Rewards points.

Read the Curve Rewards FAQs for a list of participating retailers.

Spending Curve Rewards Points

A new Curve Rewards card has been added within the Curve app. This card works the same as any other debit or credit card in your Curve wallet. To spend Curve Rewards points select this card before processing a transaction. You can spend Curve Rewards points with PayPal and Amazon, but also direct on retailers websites, or in-store.

1 Curve Rewards point is worth 1 pence (GBP). Curve Rewards points can not be redeemed by withdrawing cash from ATMs or cash-back transactions, and your Curve Rewards points balance needs to exceed the transaction amount. Points cannot be transferred or withdrawn to a bank account.

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Get A Free Curve Card With £5 Free Credit

To order a free Curve card, and also receive £5 of free credit download the app using the link below and make sure to enter the promo code K7ADL. A free Curve Blue card will be sent and the £5 free credit issued after making your first purchase. Curve Black cards (normally £75 each) are reduced to £50 each when using the Curve promotion code. Curve Black cards receive double reward points.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app or you will not receive the free credit.

You need to enter the code on the first screen of the app by pressing “Add a referral code”. Curve is currently targeted towards the business market and you will be asked to confirm if you operate your own business, are self employed, or earn any funds aside from a regular job. There currently appears to be no checks against this information.

The Curve app is available for Apple and Android devices.