Cathay Pacific Brewed Beer On Flights Between The UK & Hong Kong

As of yesterday, 1st March, Cathay Pacific have introduced a beer which has been specially brewed to taste its best at 35,000 feet. The new Cathay Pacific brewed beer, named Betsy, is now available in both Business and First Class on routes between the UK (London Heathrow and Manchester) and Hong Kong, as well as on the ground in Cathay Pacific lounges. The inspiration for the name “Betsy” comes from the name of Cathay Pacific’s first aircraft back in 1946, a dependable Douglas DC-3 that helped open up the world to Asia, and vice versa.

Cathay Pacific and the Hong Kong Beer Company found that flying dulls your sense of taste by up to 30%. “By fusing science with traditional brewing techniques, we’ve crafted a unique brew that tastes great anywhere, especially up in the air. That’s why we’ve created the world’s first beer brewed specially for 35,000 feet”.

“Cathay Pacific connects Hong Kong with destinations all over the world, helping each and every passenger to travel well. This Life Well Travelled spirit was something we aimed to achieve in our first beer as well. Using science and traditional brewing techniques, we married Hong Kong Dragon Eye fruit and New Territories honey with English Fuggle hop from the UK – a celebration of our routes between Hong Kong and UK. Our New Territories honey was made by wild bees at the Wing Wo Bee Honey Farm in Sha Tin. Longan fruit, also known as “Dragon Eye” fruit, has been specially sourced from local Hong Kong markets. English Fuggle hop comes from Kent, England, and has been used in various beers for centuries”.

Here’s a full video on how Cathay Pacific and the Hong Kong Brewing Company made the world’s first beer brewed specially for 35,000 feet.