Quick Search For £29 Travelodge Rooms

Last year Travelodge launched a sale where you paid for one night, and stayed for two. Now they are reverting back to their original promotion where you can book £29 Travelodge rooms. The promotion is simple, but it can be difficult to find discount rooms on their site. Now Travelodge have launched a quick search to find the discounted rooms.

How To Find Rooms For £29

  • Book early as the best value rooms get snapped up quick. You can book rooms up to 325 days in advance, so the earlier you book, the more likely you are to get a room with the maximum discount. £29 rooms sell out fast.
  • Stay midweek or between Sunday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday night are the most popular days in most locations, and tend to get booked first. If you are looking for a Friday or Saturday night book as early as possible.
  • Location matters as the most popular areas will get booked first. £29 rooms are available throughout the UK, but exclude London. Rooms in London start from £49, which is still great value.
  • Book direct on the Travelodge site to find the lowest prices.

Quick Search For Rooms

Head over to the Travelodge deal search page for a quick overview and to find the cheapest rooms. If you are looking for a break away for a few nights, and are not fixed to a specific location this is a great way of finding the cheapest rooms. If you need to book a room in London it is also great to see which areas of the capital are the cheapest. At the time of checking West London rooms started from £23, East London from £34, and Central London from £42.

After clicking on a specific city or region of London you can then see which hotel has the best price, and adjust the dates to suit you preference. Travelodge London Wembley on 16th April for 1 night is priced at £23 per night.

Book Travelodge £29 rooms.