Emirates Unveil World’s Best Onboard Bar

Emirates, the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A380 aircraft, have one of the best onboard bars in the sky. Each of the Gulf carriers (Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways) are all in the top 3, for each having an amazing bar on their aircraft, and the competition between the rivals is tight. Qatar Airways are currently in number 1 position with their excellent bar and lounge area which is open to business and first class passengers. Emirates are now looking to take the crown and the number 1 position for world’s best onboard bar, and will be introducing an enhanced on-board lounge bar in July 2017. Their original product on the Airbus A380 was launched in 2008 and has carried over 70 millions passengers on this type of aircraft alone, though only a small percentage of these passengers will have been lucky enough to visit the on-board bar. Their flagship aircraft, the Airbus A380, is currently being install with the new type of lounge bar onto a brand new aircraft at Airbus’ facilities. It’s first public appearance will be at one of the world’s largest tourism trade fairs, the Emirates Infinite Possibilities stand during ITB Berlin.

The Emirates enhanced on-board lounge bar will offer more seating space with a new seating arrangement along the windows on both sides of the bar, inspired by private yacht cabins. The lounge will comfortably accommodate up to 26 passengers at a time, including 8 seated. Emirates will also introduce soundproof curtains to partition the on-board lounge area from the other cabins, put in additional soft ambient lighting options, new window blinds with integrated LED mood lighting, and sub-woofers for surround sound. The lounge also features a 55 inch LCD screen so passengers can view the latest flight information, or enjoy live TV broadcasts of the latest news or sports updates. Passengers can enjoy gourmet canapés, handpicked wines from around the world and limited edition fine spirits, as well as signature cocktails prepared by the bartender.

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Official Emirates video showcasing the enhanced on-board bar and lounge

The Emirates on-board lounge will continue to feature the oval bar but with an enhanced seating area

The updated style of oval bar in the Emirates lounge

Great drinks served at the bar