GUARANTEED INSTANT Hilton Honors Silver Status

Last year there were multiple different ways of quickly gaining instant Hilton Honors Silver status, sometimes even a fast-track to Gold status. Since the relaunch of their hotel loyalty scheme, Hilton have been quick to close down many of the loopholes that previously existed. There appears to be only one simple way to get guaranteed instant Hilton Honors Silver status, and this can be obtained without having to even stay at a Hilton property.

Hilton are one of my favourite hotels. There properties are in the majority of the places I visit and hotels range from the smaller Hampton by Hilton city properties, all the way through to their luxury collection, Conrad. Having properties across different sectors means that I can book a redemption for 5,000 Hilton Honors points per night (such as a Hampton by Hilton hotel), or booking into a luxury property at 90,000+ points per night. This range of redemption rates makes their scheme very attractive to people who are either looking to “cash out” as soon as they have enough for a cheaper redemption, but also is great for others who prefer to build up enough points to stay in the most luxurious properties.

Guaranteed Instant Hilton Honors Silver Status

The easier way to receive guaranteed Hilton Honors Silver status is to sign up to a free Barclaycard Hilton HHonors Platinum Visa credit card (see the benefits of Hilton Honors Silver status). For however long you hold the card you will be enrolled into the Hilton Honors loyalty scheme as a Silver status member. If you spend over £10,000 in a calendar year you will be fast-tracked to Gold status (more information below).

Another great benefit of this Hilton credit card, and why I think this is the best credit card for travel hacking newcomers, is that you receive a free night voucher that can be redeemed after spending just £750 within 90 days. As soon as you hit the £750 target on the card a free night voucher is generated. This can take a couple of weeks to arrive depending on your billing cycle so keep checking your emails. The free night Hilton voucher is valid for up to 6 months (expiry date is clearly stated on the voucher).

Fast-track To Gold Status

There are a couple of options if you are looking for a fast-track to Hilton Honors Gold status (see the benefits of Hilton Honors Gold status). If you have taken out the credit card above then after spending a total of £10,000 in a calendar year your Hilton Honors account will be upgraded from Silver to Gold status. It’s worth noting that the £10,000 target has to be completed in a calendar year (not within 1 year of applying for the card) so now is the best time to apply as you have around 10 months to reach that target. That may seem a daunting amount but £1,000 per month is very easy to meet. Instead of paying your everyday bills directly from your bank account (such as mortgage payments, rent, car hire purchase agreements, loans, utility bills etc) contact each company to check if you can pay via credit card. If you can then pay the bill with your credit card, and then use the funds in your bank account that would usually be collected by direct debit to clear the balance of on card. Remember to clear the balance in full so that no interest is added to your account, as this additional payment would offset any benefits from doing this in the first place.

The other option is to sign up using a dedicated promotion, such as the Google promotion, where after 4 stays instead of the usual 20 stays you will be upgraded to Hilton Gold status. It’s worth noting that by using this specific Google promotion link you should be employed by the company, but Hilton do not have any checks in place.