4 Stays For Hilton Gold Status, INSTANT Hilton Silver Status

Hotel status was created to reward regular guests when staying at the same hotel chain. There are many different hotel brands all offering various perks for frequent guests, but in my opinion, Hilton is probably one of the best for residents of the UK. Their hotels are popular throughout the UK if you are looking at booking a city break, but they also have lots of properties abroad, some of which are in the most luxurious destinations. Their mid/high level status, Hilton Gold, opens up the door to free room upgrades and free breakfast for the duration of your stay, and is currently available after just 4 stays. Only 4 stays for Hilton Gold status is a snip compared to the usual 20 stays required to be awarded the status.

Last year Hilton closed what appeared to be the last loophole to obtain Gold status without even staying at any of the hotels (original article: Hilton Gold status with no stays required). Now the easiest way to gain Hilton Gold status is to stay at any of their hotels 4 times.

The fast track to Hilton Gold status after 4 stays offer is meant to be open to only employees of specific companies but the links are available publicly so anyone can register. Hilton also do not check (or are unable to check) if you are actually an employee of that specific company. There is no email verification (you could be an employee of the company but sign up to Hilton Honors using your personal email address). This status loophole is again likely quick to be closed down so I would recommend signing up as soon as possible.

Fast Track To Hilton Gold Status

If you already have Silver status in Hilton Honors sign up using the Google link below to be fast tracked to Hilton Gold status. Your status will be upgraded to Hilton Honors Gold after completing 4 stays.

To receive Hilton Gold status after completing 4 stays upgrade via the Google promotion.

Hilton Silver Status Instantly

Fast track to Hilton Silver status is available for new and existing Hilton Honors members. New members to the hotel loyalty scheme should first create a Hilton Honors account and then register for instant Silver status using the HP link.

If you are already a member sign up using the HP link, to fast track your membership level to a Silver status with Hilton hotels.

In addition to instant Hilton Silver status, after completing 4 stays your account will be upgraded to Hilton Gold status.