Curve Rewards FAQs – The Curve Card Loyalty Scheme

Towards the back end of last year Curve announced, with limited details, a new loyalty scheme named Curve Rewards. The rewards scheme, which is points based, allows you to collect Curve Rewards points by using your Curve card for everyday purchases and spending. Reward points can be cashed out at any stage to make a purchase. Read the Curve Rewards FAQs which lists many of the comments and emails I receive about the scheme.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app or you will not receive the free credit.


Earning Curve Rewards Points

Curve Rewards points are shown in real-time. If you make a purchase you will be able to see instantly an increase in your Curve Rewards points balance. There is no limit to the amount of Curve Reward points you can earn. Curve Black cardholders will receive double reward points, compared to Curve Blue cardholders.

A retailer offering 3% in Curve Rewards means for a purchase of £100 you will receive £3 of Curve Rewards points.

Where To Earn Curve Rewards Points

Curve Reward points can be earned at the following retailers.

Retailer Curve Blue Rewards Curve Black Rewards
Argos 1.50% 3%
Arcadia Group 1.50% 3%
ASK Italian 1.50% 3%
B&Q 1.50% 3%
Babies “R” Us 1.50% 3%
Belgo 1.50% 3%
Bella Italia 1.50% 3%
Boots UK 1.50% 3%
Burton 1.50% 3%
Café Rouge 1.50% 3%
Caffé Nero 1.50% 3%
Carpetright 1.50% 3%
Debenhams 1.50% 3%
Dorothy Perkins 1.50% 3%
Ernest Jones 1.50% 3%
Evans 1.50% 3%
Evans Cycles 1.50% 3%
Feelunique 1.50% 3%
Gap Inc. 1.50% 3%
Goldsmiths 1.50% 3%
H.Samuel 2.50% 5%
Halfords 1.50% 3%
House of Fraser 1.50% 3%
Leslie Davis 1.50% 3%
Marriott International 1.50% 3%
Marks & Spencer 1.50% 3%
Miss Selfridge 1.50% 3%
Moss Bros. 1.50% 3%
Mothercare 1.50% 3%
New Look 1.50% 3%
Outfit 1.50% 3%
Papa John’s Pizza 1.50% 3%
Pizza Express 1.50% 3%
River Island 1.50% 3%
Spafinder 1.50% 3%
T.G.I. Friday’s 1.50% 3%
The White Company 1.50% 3%
The Works 1.50% 3%
Thorntons 1.50% 3%
Topman 1.50% 3%
Topshop 1.50% 3%
Toys “R” Us 1.50% 3%
Tune Tribe 1.50% 3%
Virgin Experience 2.50% 5%
Wallis 1.50% 3%
Waterstones 1.50% 3%
Wilko 1.50% 3%
Wyevale Garden Centres 1.50% 3%
Yo! Sushi 1.50% 3%
Zizzi 1.50% 3%

Upgrade Your Curve Blue Card To A Curve Black Card

You can request a free Curve Black card upgrade through the secure messaging section of the app. Curve Blue cardholders, including myself, have been able to upgrade after requesting an upgrade through the app.

As Curve don’t appear to have a system in place to handle the upgrade automatically, or through the app, they also did not charge for the upgrade. The Curve Black card upgrade was processed for free.

Not only will you receive double the amount of Curve Rewards points after the upgrade but you will also:

  • Be able to withdraw £500 per day at ATMs (compared to £300 per day for the Curve Blue card), and
  • Have your card purchase and ATM limits reset, as the Curve Black card is technically a “new” card

Spending Curve Rewards Points

Within the Curve app you will find a card named Curve Rewards. This card works exactly same as any other debit or credit card in your Curve wallet. To spend Curve Rewards points select this card before processing a transaction.

How Much Is A Curve Rewards Point Worth

1 Curve Rewards point = 1 pence (GBP).

You can view your balance directly in the Curve app on your mobile phone. The balance combines any points gained for purchases and if you have referred any friends or family.

Exchange Curve Rewards Points For Cash

Currently not possible, but you can top-up an Amazon account balance. This allows you to top-up the exact amount in your Curve Rewards account, with the lowest amount being 1 pence.

Curve Rewards points can not be redeemed by withdrawing cash from ATMs or cash-back transactions.

Declined Curve Rewards Transactions

You can only purchase an item for the same value or less than the amount of Curve Rewards points you have. If your Curve Rewards balance is less than the purchase amount the transaction will fail. Either save more points, split your transaction so your points balance is large than the purchase amount, or buy a cheaper item.

If a Curve Rewards transaction fails you will receive a notification, just like any other cash transaction.

How Refunds Impact Curve Reward Points

If you make a cash purchase and receive Curve Rewards points, and later receive a refund, the points earned will be deducted from your Curve Rewards points balance.

Join Curve by downloading the app. Register using promo code K7ADL for £5 credit to be added to your account. Remember to enter the promo code after downloading the app or you will not receive the free credit.