3 Easy Hilton Hacks For Better Travel

Hilton’s different brands of hotels range from budget low-end properties, ideal for quick business stays right through to luxury resorts, perfect for spending quality time with the family. Their hotel loyalty program, Hilton HHonors, also has some great benefits from room upgrades to lounge access. These Hilton hacks detail how to get a free night at any of their hotels worldwide, and how to gain instant status in the Hilton loyalty program.

Free Night At Any Hilton Hotel

The cost of accommodation throughout the world varies massively, even if you are comparing the same brand of hotels and the same star rating (such as 5* Hilton properties). Some of Hilton’s most expensive properties are in locations such as the Maldives, Fiji, Seychelles, and Barbados – and it is possible to get free Hilton night even at these properties, which can cost £2000 per night!

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Instant Hilton Status

You now have the chance to upgrade to instant Hilton Silver status with just a few clicks – no hotel stay required. The offer is meant to be open to only employees of specific companies but the links are available publicly so anyone can register. Hilton also do not check (or are unable to check) if you are actually an employee of that specific company. There is no email verification (you could be an employee of the company but sign up to Hilton HHonors using your personal email address).

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Half Price Hotel Rooms

Top category Hilton Hotels can be extremely expense, with some rooms at these luxury properties selling rooms for hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds per night. The majority of these hotels can be booked for a fraction of the price if you buy Hilton HHonors points, and then redeem these for award nights.

Using the Hilton Conrad Maldives as an example, in peak season the flexible room rate is around £1500 per night, or 95,000 Hilton HHonors points.

The standard rate for Hilton HHonors points is $10 per 1000, meaning that it would cost $950 for 95,000 (around £750). That works out at £750 per night instead of paying £1500 per night as a cash rate. Half the cost!

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