Travelex Supercard Complaint Resolved – Open An Official Dispute

Hunting around for the best deals on travel money can be time consuming, and it’s difficult to beat rates when comparing to those available on ‘recharge’ cards. These ‘recharge’ cards act as a link to your existing Mastercard or Visa cards (such as your bank account, or even credit cards) but usually offer a better foreign exchange rate and help to avoid any foreign transaction fees when comparing to a typical bank debit card. Supercard are big players in this new market, but after returning from the Caribbean earlier in the month I noticed that duplicate transactions had been process on my Supercard. Here’s what happened, which included raising a Supercard complaint, and the need to open an official dispute.

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In short Supercard duplicated the transactions on my card. A total of 2 payments should have been taken, but 4 were showing in the app, 2 set as “pending”. When checking the funding account 3 payments had already left the account. The 4th payment left a couple of days later. The initial phone call to Supercard wasn’t great and the Supercard Customer Service Team advised to “wait 10 days and then call back”. Not happy with the response I raised an official Travelex Supercard complaint, prompting a manager to call back within 1 hour!

The Manager has been a key contact throughout the case and arranged for the duplicate transactions to be refunded as soon as the “pending” status had disappeared. True to his word a few days after the transactions had updated in the Supercard app they reappeared in the funding account. Never did I have to chase Supercard for the payments since making the official complaint, which has now been closed. Thanks Supercard!

If for any reason you need to complain to Supercard about duplicate transactions first contact their Customer Services department. The original staff member was not great, but when escalating to a Manager the problem was resolved in a matter of days. You can also submit a complaint via email to by submitting a Travelex Supercard Dispute Form, but before doing this always allow time for a Manager to resolve the issue.

Grab hold of a FREE Supercard by downloading the Supercard app.