Travelex Supercard Complaint – How To Resolve Duplicate Transactions Problems

How we carry our travel money is changing almost every year. Travellers cheques were once the best way to safely carry cash abroad, this then changed to the ‘top-up’ style debit cards that we would preload before our trips, and now there has been a boom in the amount of ‘recharge’ cards on the market. These ‘recharge’ cards act as a link to your existing Mastercard or Visa cards (such as your bank account, or even credit cards) but usually offer a better foreign exchange rate and help to avoid any foreign transaction fees when comparing to a typical bank debit card. Both Supercard and Curve are big contenders in this new market, but after returning from the Caribbean only a few days ago I noticed duplicate transactions on my Supercard app, so called and had to raise a Travelex Supercard complaint. Here’s what happened.


Firstly, I’m not new to Supercard. I was part of the original Supercard beta testing group for around a year, meaning that I was issued a beta version of the Supercard to test before issuing to the general public. At this stage I was so happy with the card, never had a problem, and even wrote a Supercard review detailing all the benefits of the card after using it for one whole year. I’ve since signed up for a Curve card (which are free, and are pre-loaded with free £5 credit), and detailed which travel card is best for saving money abroad (Supercard is cheaper for cash purchases abroad, the Curve card is the cheapest option if you are withdrawing £100+ of cash abroad).

After returning home I noticed duplicate transactions on my Supercard app. A total of 2 payments should have been taken, but 4 were showing in the app, 2 set as “pending”. The “pending” state is normal, until funds clear from the linked account, but when checking the funding account 3 payments had already left the account. The initial phone call to Supercard didn’t clear up much and it was frustrating to be told “Sorry, it seems that all 4 payments will leave your account. Wait 10 days and then call back”. Annoyed with the process I raised an official Travelex Supercard complaint. A manager call back within 1 hour to say that fraud on the card would be highly unlikely, and that there appeared to be an issue with duplicate transactions processing. The same manager suspended the Supercard at my request to ensure that no other transactions would be possible.

The next step is to wait until the end of next week (around 10 days since the last duplicate transaction) to wait until the 2 “pending” transactions close. I’ll also receive an official complaint email in the next few days. Only then will Super Customer Services be able to assist more, and I will see how “super” there customer service is.