SNEAK PEEK: Hyatt Regency Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Hotel

Last month I booked onto an early morning flight from Paris back to the UK. I needed a hotel as close to Charles de Gaulle airport as possible so I could have more a good rest, and then jump onto the airport shuttle bus early the next morning (much easier than getting a taxi to the airport terminal). All of the usual chain hotels who have properties at Charles de Gaulle airport, such as the Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre were fully booked. Also the Radisson Blu Hotel has now closed. That only left one other hotel where I could use my top level status, the Hyatt Regency Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Hotel.

When booking I used what I consider to be the best Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond benefits, the guaranteed suite upgrade. In the current Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty scheme (soon to be updated – check the Hyatt site for full details) you can upgrade your room at the time of booking to a suite. This benefit can be used for up to 7 nights per upgrade, and up to 4 times per year on eligible paid stays.

Here’s 5 photos that give a quick overview of the one night stay at the Hyatt Regency Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Hotel.

Full review to follow.


The hotel is in pristine condition and appears to be either extremely well looked after, or recently refurbished. The top floor hallway down to the room is in immaculate condition and shows no signs of wear.


Open the door on a top floor Regency Suite bedroom and you’ll be presented with this in-room lounge. Slightly excessive for a one night stay.


Waiting in the room were a selection of welcome gifts including a couple of small muffins and Galler chocolates.


The Regency Suite bedroom lounge is huge, and even has a statue over in the corner.


Regency Club lounge at the Hyatt Regency Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Hotel.