Virgin America Elevate Series – Earning Elevate Points With Airline Partners (Part 4)

As you would expect you earn Elevate points on Virgin America flights. Though this possible it will not be a popular option for UK residents as Virgin America flights do not have routes connecting to the UK. The same applies to Virgin Australia, as these flights can also earn Elevate points, though again there are no routes to/from the UK. Virgin America however are partners with other large airlines of the world, so their entire network covers the majority of the globe. Earning Elevate points with airline partners is much easier than you would expect as Virgin America have partnerships with Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

The amount of Elevate points you earn with the airline partners below is based on the type of fare you purchase and the distance you fly. Fare type can be checked at the time of booking and you need to remember to include your Elevate number when you book.

Virgin Atlantic

Book Virgin Atlantic flights.

Class Fare Accrual (points % of miles)
Promotional Economy E Q N V X O 10%
Discounted Economy R L U M 20%
Full Economy Class Y B 40%
Premium Economy W S K H 50%
Upper Class Z I J C D 60%


Book Emirates flights.

Class Fare Accrual (points % of miles)
Economy Class Skywards Saver B G H K L M Q T U V X 20%
Economy Class Skywards Flex E R W Y 40%
Business Class C I J P O 60%
First Class A F 80%

Singapore Airlines

Book Singapore Airlines flights.

Class Fare Accrual (points % of miles)
Economy Y B E M H W L 40%
Premium Economy S T P 40%
Business Z C J U D 50%
First/Suites F A 60%
Suites R 65%

Bookings in Q, N, V, K, G, O, I, X do not earn Virgin Elevate points.

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