Virgin America Elevate Series – The Basics (Part 1)

There are several different Virgin airlines covering the entire circumference of the world. These include the well known Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and Virgin America. Not to state the obvious but Virgin America have flights throughout America and Hawaii, and this particular airline, along with its frequent flyer scheme, Virgin America Elevate, will be the topic of the series due to the amazing potential for UK residents.

Virgin America do not operate a transatlantic service across to the UK, neither do they have a credit card here in the UK, so you would normally expect it be to difficult to earn miles with the airline – this is not the case. There are loads of great opportunities to earn thousands of Virgin America points without even flying a single ‘bum in seat’ mile.

The Virgin America frequent flyer scheme, named Elevate, have loads of different ways you can earn Virgin America Elevate miles here in the UK, without have to step foot in the US. Miles can be earned by purchasing goods online via the Virgin portal, transferring points from other schemes, staying at featured hotels and through many other routes.

When it comes to spending Virgin America Elevate miles you don’t even have to be in the US. They are partnered with multiple airlines, including of course Virgin Atlantic, all who operate flights from the multiple airports in the UK. Flights don’t even have to be flown just to and from America, there are other options across to the Middle East or Asia.

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Trying to put a value on Virgin Elevate miles is difficult, as this depends how you earn the points. If you’re paying for hotels from your own personal money to earn Virgin Elevate points then you will place a higher value on these when comparing to business expenses generating the points. Virgin Elevate actually sell their points for $52 per 1000 points when not in a promotion, which currently works out at around 4 pence per point. I personally value them at a minimum of around 2 pence per point, double what a British Airways Avios point is worth.

Part 2: Virgin America Elevate Series – Earning Elevate Points With Credit Cards