Curve Vs. Supercard Review – Cheapest Way To Spend Cash Abroad

Both the Curve and Supercard products are relatively new to the market; so how do Curve vs. Supercard compare? Essentially, both of the products offer a card that links to your existing Mastercard or Visa cards (such as your bank account, or even credit cards). Everything is super easy to manage, through either the Curve or Supercard app on your phone. Each app allows you add a debit or credit card and link it to your preferred card, be it Curve or Supercard. When the link has been created everything you spend on either of the cards abroad is instantly recharged to your linked account.

By using the Curve or Supercard instead of your regular debit or credit card you avoid or minimise any foreign transaction fees and also receive a better foreign exchange rate than what is typically on the market (when comparing to purchasing foreign cash in the UK before travel). Any purchase or cash withdrawal you make in the local currency (such as euro, dollar etc) is automatically converted to pound sterling.

Withdrawing Cash Abroad

The majority of people who travel abroad are old fashioned. They visit the nearest cash machine and withdraw money to then spend. A smaller amount of people actually use their cards abroad directly in a store or restaurant.

Overseas cash withdrawal fees

Curve – 1% + £2 for overseas cash withdrawals from an ATM

Supercard – 2.99% for overseas cash withdrawals from an ATM

If you are withdrawing over £100 of cash abroad Curve is the cheapest option (£100 + 1% + £2 = £103). If withdrawing less than £100 Supercard is the best option (£50 + 2.99% = £51.50).

Card Purchases Abroad

Card purchases are cheaper than cash withdrawals on both the Curve and Supercard. The problem is that not everywhere accepts card payments, so it’s nice to have cash as a backup option. If you are in a store or restaurant that accepts card payments you need to choose the best card between the two.

Overseas purchase fees

Curve – 1% for overseas purchases

Supercard – 0% for overseas purchases

The difference is clear to see. Supercard is the obvious winner here. If you are making card purchases overseas totalling £500 over the course of your trip this will work out as £500 on the Supercard, and £505 on the Curve card. Yes, it’s only £5 in this scenario but it all adds up!

Grab The Cards

Work out which card is best for you. How do you plan on using the card? For cash withdrawals abroad, or spending directly on the card in stores and restaurants?

Curve – Free card and £5 free credit added to your account when you download the Curve app and register using promo code K7ADL.

Supercard – Free. Sign up by downloading the Supercard app.