£265 Return Flights – London to San Francisco, California!

Where would you start? The famous Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz Island, or an organised tour of the steepest hills in the city? With these London to San Francisco, California flights priced at £265 for a return ticket per person, you might as well start planning now!

Flights between the UK and California are usually double this price. When comparing fares on Skyscanner the next cheapest flights are over £600. Usually the only way to get flights anywhere near this price is to departure from another country in the EU to avoid the taxes applied to flights departing UK airports. This is something that only an experience traveller, or travel hacker, would consider as this adds the inconvenience of having to travel to the country where the flights have been booked.

These flights are operated by British Airways and Air Berlin. British Airways are currently rated as the 26th best airline in the world in terms of in-flight service and airline excellence based on passenger satisfaction. To put this in perspective Virgin Atlantic are currently in position 28!

The London to San Francisco, California flights operate from the heart of the capital, London City and have a short connection in Dusseldorf. The cheapest flights are available in October 2016, through there are other dates through until March 2017.

The flights can be viewed directly on Skyscanner and dates can be amended to suit your preference.

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