6000 Miles & More Award Miles For £17!

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Miles & More (the loyalty scheme for Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian etc.) closed down the opportunity to purchase award miles a few years ago. This being honest is quite an odd move, as airlines usually love you to purchase miles in their loyalty schemes. Being based in the UK this also makes earning Miles & More award miles in their scheme much harder. There are fewer promotions and credit cards which gain points when comparing to British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, even the Middle Eastern airlines. Miles & More are also not a transfer partner of American Express – the preferred card for travel hackers due to the flexibility of American Express Membership Rewards points, plus the regular heavily promoted signup bonuses (such as the signup bonuses currently running on the British Airways American Express cards).

Miles & More do seem to run the occasional promotion with hotel chains, such as Hilton and Best Western, though as you can imagine these require stays to earn the bonus miles. Now, and only until the end of September their is an opportunity to earn 6000 Miles & More award miles for £17. That works out at under 0.29 pence per mile, which is extremely good value considering Miles & More award miles are worth around 1 pence each (based on current exchange rate of 1.17, €20 = £17).

6000 Miles & More Award Miles For £17

This offer runs until the end of September so you need to be quick. To earn the 6000 Miles & More miles you need to order a free sim card from MTX Connect, activate it online, enter your Miles & More card number, and top up a minimum of €20 (yes, euro).

You can order the MTX Connect sim card directly on their site. Delivery is free.

After the sim card has been activated, and a top up of €20 has been made you will earn 5000 Miles & More award miles. You also receive a further 50 Miles & More award miles per €1 spent, so the €20 top up generates a further 1000 Miles & More award miles.

6000 Miles & More award miles for £17 works out at under 0.29 pence per mile. This surely must be the cheapest way to earn miles in the scheme at the moment. Not only do you get the miles for a discount price, but the MTX Connect sim card can be used throughout the majority of Europe. The €20 top up gets you almost a week of data abroad.


It is worth noting that the terms and conditions of the offer state:

“Cooperation with MTX Connect will be terminated on 30th September 2016. The option to earn miles for current customers will be available until 31st March 2017” and 5000 miles are awarded for the first top-up of €20 from 4th August 2016 to 8th January 2017”.

Order the MTX Connect sim card.

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  1. Andrew H says:

    Thanks for this. Ordered by card on 14th and it arrived this morning in the post. I’ve activated the card and added 20 euros to the balance. One important thing worth noting – on the ‘How It Works’ page, you’ll notice this:

    “This marketing offer valid for the first 1000 ordered SIM-cards. Miles will be accrued according to marketing offer conditions.”

    This was rather cunningly buried away. No one will see it at first. I suspect there are going to be a lot of angry people when they find out they weren’t quick enough. I hope I was one of the 1000!

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for the details. I’m not sure if this has been added after the post on Travel Hacking Tutor. I’ll run another post shortly to highlight to other readers. As it is also a well hidden promotion hopefully you will still be in the first 1000 people!
      Thanks again.

      1. Andrew H says:

        I’ve contacted MTX to find out if the 1000 target has been hit yet. Hopefully we’ll know soon.

      2. Andrew H says:

        Update: Yesterday it looked like the deal had been around for ages and we’d missed the boat. I emailed MTX yesterday, and they’ve informed me today:

        “We sure that you are one of the first 1000 people. Award miles are usually credited within a few days, but can take up to 4 weeks.”

        So it looks like MTX tracked all the people who registered for a SIM card with their Miles and More number, and then the first 1000 people who topped up their balance by 20 Euros will get the points. That’s how I read it anyway. I’ll reply here when I get the points.

        Thank you for this deal!

        1. Hi Andrew,
          Thanks for the update. Good to hear that you are one of the first 1,000 in the promotion. Please comment again when the points post into your account.

          1. Andrew H says:

            I’ve just received 5000 Lufthansa points (Tuesday morning 20th September). That was quick. Well spotted for this deal!

            I assume the other 1000 points for the 20 euro top up will follow later.

          2. Awesome! The only 1000 points should follow as these are 50 points per EUR. If only we could buy them at this price all the time 🙂

  2. Andrew H says:

    I’ve been told by MTX that I have to spend the 20 euros I uploaded to get the other 1000, just for the record. Still a good deal tho!

    1. Well as you have already added the €20 I would just burn through it when you can. Then keep an eye out for the points to post. Please comment again when they do.

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