New To Travel Hacking? Easiest Way For A FREE Hilton Night

If you’re new to the hobby of travel hacking, or even just thinking about where to get started, then this beginners post on how to get a free night at a Hilton property anywhere in the world, should help you on your way. The cost of accommodation throughout the world varies massively, even if you are comparing the same brand of hotels and the same star rating (such as 5* Hilton properties). Some of Hilton’s most expensive properties are in locations such as the Maldives, Fiji, Seychelles, and Barbados – and it is possible to get free Hilton night even at these properties, which can cost £2000 per night!


One of the best and most expensive properties in the Hilton portfolio – The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.


You can get a night for free at The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, worth over £2000 a night.

How to get a free Hilton night

Hilton send out a free night voucher that can be redeemed after signing up to the Barclaycard Hilton HHonors Platinum Visa credit card. To qualify for the free night voucher you must spend a total of £750 within 90 days. This may seem challenging to some people but if you consider your monthly outgoings such as rent, mortgage, household bills, car hire purchase etc. it soon adds up. You can also use the card for general living expensive like food shopping, eating out or anything else you spend each month.

As soon as you hit the £750 spend requirement on the card this generates the free night voucher. The voucher can take a couple of weeks to arrive depending on your billing cycle, so keep checking your emails. The voucher is valid for up to 6 months (the expiry is clear on the voucher so add this date to your diary). Now of course if you are spending on a credit card you could be subject to interest charges, so to avoid these pay off the card as soon as you have made a purchase. This can be done at anytime by logging into your online account.

The voucher is valid at all Hilton properties, including Conrad which are some of the most expensive and luxurious, and is valid for a ‘free weekend night’ in a standard room. A weekend night is treated as a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. When you have decided where to redeem your free Hilton night, read how to check Hilton room availability and book your free night.

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  1. filipino_chino says:

    Just so you are aware, you used to be able to cancel the card after you have used the voucher, wait 6 months and apply again – the t&c have changed so you can only get the voucher once…

    I might have found a loophole with this though…. confirmed on one card, need to test on another card first really..

    1. Yes, I was aware of the changes in the terms and conditions, so that this is only a bonus once (shame!). What is the loophole, and how have you been able to gain the bonus twice? Using a different Hilton HHonors account number?

      1. filipino_chino says:

        I need another person to test it for me, but message me once your card has been cancelled for 6 months and then i will go through it. My method worked, but i want another person to test it and i don’t want to broadcast it out, until it’s been tested by a second person. You should be able to see my email to message me direct or you can tweet me (same handle).

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