My Travel Cash Closure, Make Way For Supercard

The My Travel Cash Mastercard Prepaid Card has now been withdrawn from the market. With immediate effect the company are no longer accepting applications directly on their website, and the card will be closed completely on 4th October. This gives 2 months to customer who already have the card to set alternative arrangements in place for travel abroad after this date, and to empty any funds from the account. The My Travel Cash closure can only be associated to the new travel cards (such as Supercard) that do not require a top-up before being used.

Emptying A My Travel Cash Account

If you have funds on the card, or if you will be continuing to use the card until 4th October, make sure you recover any remaining balance before account closure. Until 4th October you can withdraw or spend any remaining funds on your card, free of charge, at any ATM or Mastercard merchant. Alternatively, you can arrange for funds to be transferred to your bank account or donated to the ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ charity.

You can check your balance by visiting the My Travel Cash site, or by texting CARD BAL to 07786 200690.

On 4th October 2016 your card will be closed, no further top ups can be applied and you will not be able to use the card. If there is a remaining balance on your card after closure, the company will process a transfer to your bank account if our details are on file. If you still have funds in the account after closure contact send enquiries through to

My Travel Cash Alternatives

I expect that one of the main reasons for the removal of this card from the market is that people find it a chore to keep topping up the card when abroad, or constantly monitoring the balance. New cards to the market, such as the Supercard or Curve card not long have this issue. When processing a transaction or cash withdrawal on these cards funds are automatically requested from the linked account on file, which could be a debit or credit card. This saves all the hassle of having to top-up, and you can check spending directly through a dedicated app.

If you are looking at a card to replace the My Travel Cash Mastercard Prepaid Card consider the Supercard (read the Supercard review after 1 year of use).

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  1. Supercard can be handy but I have to say I prefer to use a pre-paid foreign currency card. I travel several times a year – a pre-paid card allows me to budget by putting money on the card every month. It also means I can follow exchange rates and transfer on a day when I think the exchange rate is up in my favour, giving me more Euros for my Pounds.

    1. Tom says:

      I prefer the Supercard as I know that when it has been activated (which only has to be done once) then it can be used anytime, without the need to top-up or worry about the remaining balance. Also if you use a pre-paid card there usually is a little balance left which either remains there until you next top-up, or disappears as an annual fee to the issuing company. With Supercard you don’t have this problem, but it’s all personal preference.

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