Renew Your EHIC For Free

All UK travellers shouldn’t go abroad without their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Despite that over half do, and are risking not being adequately covered should they have insufficient travel insurance in place. The EHIC is free to apply and you can also renew your EHIC for free via the official EHIC site. Even though this is a totally free service there are still hundreds of other companies charging around £35 to process the application. When searching on Google fake sites appear along side the official one making it difficult to find the free service.

The EHIC is an agreement between countries in the EU and European Economic Area. Brexit may affect this in future but nothing is likely to happen for at least the next two years. You can continue to use the scheme as normal. They are still continuing to allow new applications and renewals.

Renew Your EHIC

The card is free and can be utilised instead of travel insurance, depending on the treatment required. The free European Health Insurance Card entitles the holder to free or discounted medical treatment at state run hospitals in any EU country plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Having the card doesn’t make treatments free. You get treated the same way as a citizen of that country. If they get free medical treatment then you do too. If they pay, you pay the same rates.

Your own personal European Health Insurance Card will expire on a specific date. Check that your card is still valid or if you need to renew. If you need to renew then only use the official EHIC site. They are free.