Annual Travel Insurance For £11

Almost 25% of people in the UK go on holiday without travel insurance, either by forgetting to take out the cover or not wanting to pay for a policy they hopefully will never need to use. Either way there’s no excuse to be forking out potentially thousands of pounds as you can take out an annual travel insurance policy for £11… for the entire year!

These annual travel insurance policies are available through Coverwise, and insurance is underwritten by AXA (one of the largest in the market). If you travel more than twice per year then these annual policies will save even you even more, compared with taking out a new policy for every trip. Also remember that you should take out travel insurance so soon as you book a flight or hotel as you could be unprotected if a company closes, leaving you without a flight or accommodation. These annual policies avoid that hassle as you are automatically covered after booking a part of your trip.

Annual travel insurance policies usually cover an unlimited amount of trips per year, up to a maximum of 31 days per trip (check each policy as these figures could vary). If travelling over 60 days on a single trip you will need a specialist insurance, usually the same as backpackers use.