Free £20 After Loading £50 – Prepaid Mastercard

If you are a frequent flyer you will have noticed the Moneycorp foreign exchange desks dotted around UK airports including Stansted, Gatwick and a few others. They are a reputable brand, offering a good exchange rate, and have launched a multi-currency prepaid Mastercard – the Explorer MasterCard. New customers receive a free £20 after loading £50 onto the prepaid card.

The card and be loaded in 7 different currencies (Pound Sterling, Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Canadian Dollars, or South African Rand). If you are making a purchase in the same currency as the card is loaded there are no foreign exchange fees. Cash withdrawals abroad attract no fees if you are withdrawing in the same currency as the card is loaded. There is also no fee for the card.

If you are consider this as a manufactured spending opportunity you can also top up the Moneycorp Mastercard with a credit or charge card (and helping further if you are working towards a signup bonus). Funds can then be withdrawn for a UK ATM or spent online with a small fee. Make sure to sign up to the GBP card if you are looking into this route.

Sign up and register for the Moneycorp Explorer MasterCard.

Offer ends 31st August 2016.